Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday's Etsy Faves

Happy happy HaPpY hApPy HAPPY Friday people!!!!!!
Here are my Etsy faves for the week (and if you couldn't already tell, I'm obsessed with Etsy).
Here goes:
First up today is this gorgeous feather print from Satchel and Sage. SO SO pretty, especially in a gallery wall. Love it!
Next up is this beautiful pillow from Urban Fringe. It's gorgeous, right!? RIGHT!
I am also loving this print from Sparkle Power. I LA LA LOVE it!!!
And I am seriously in love with 2 items from Dream Wylde.
First, this gorgeous old jar filled with yummy vintage fabric scraps. Oh the possibilities..
And I am also in love with this vintage equestrian charm bracelet. LOVE!!!
Those are my favorites for this week, and to be honest, I am seriously tempted to buy ALL of these (don't worry hubby, I won't......or I, I won't. Ugh!)
Have a GREAT weekend everyone :)


  1. oh i LOVE that pillow!!!!! awesome picks friend!

  2. Awesome picks!! Lets get them all so we can share! xo

  3. It would be so hard not to just buy everything! I'm loving that pillow and old jar!! Almost positive I don't need anything else though! lol!

  4. Thank you SO much for including my items! :) Thanks for stopping by my shop!

  5. Fantabulous picks!! Can't pick a favorite they are all awesome and I want them all!

  6. I love your Etsy posts! Sometimes browsing Etsy can be overwhelming so it's nice to have someone feature a few of the cute things. I just bought the little feather print you featured for my daughter's room. Thanks for the help!!

  7. I always love to see your Friday Faves on Etsy, it's like you do the shopping for me!


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