Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday randomness...

Happy Saturday peeps! Today was the first Saturday in a while that Noah didn't have a soccer game. We definitely enjoy watching him play, but it was kind of a nice break. The kids and I took a walk to a few garage sales in our neighborhood and came home with some cool treasures for FREE. The best! Just some kid books, a hopscotch game, and a couple cute hello kitty shirts for Hayden from my neighbor. All in all, for free, it was a pretty good haul. Other than that, Josh is taking his chainsaw to my Nana's favorite tree :( It was the original reason my Nana fell in love with this house and wanted to buy it back in the early 80's. It's sad to see it go, but the roots are gnarly and are already popping up in the front yard. Yep, they're growing straight under our foundation so the poor tree must go to save us from giant plumbing and foundation problems in the future. I understand why, but I still feel sad about it :(
In other news, this kid can ride a 2-wheeler now! Seriously awesome!!!! His bike is a bit small, but it was perfect for learning.

I also found these super cute ruffle shoes (Madden Girl) at Marshall's the other day for $10 on clearance. Aren't they cute??

And last but not least, I must report a crime. Those naughty Keebler Elves have ripped off the sweet Girl Scouts:
They seriously taste EXACTLY like the Girl Scout cookies called Somoas (not sure how to spell that). Seriously, EXACTLY!!! And, at $2.50 per box from Wal Mart, they're a total bargain! So SO So SO YUMMY!!!!!!
We're off to celebrate our Tompa's b-day today (Josh's mom's husband Tom goes by Tompa to the grand kids), and then to a spooky Halloween party after that :)

Hope you're having a great Saturday too!


  1. Ooooooh, love the shoes, I want some! And I LOVE those cookies! I found them a little while ago and they are so good. :) I love girl scout cookies and even better, getting basically the same thing year round!

  2. Sorry about the tree.....It looks beautiful! Noah is so cute riding his bike! You guys enjoy the break from soccer!

  3. yay, noah!!!! the shoes are fabulous! the tree- sad for it, but you can plant a veggie garden! :) and as for the cookies- well the girl scouts deserve to be ripped off because the prices have gone up and the cookie quantity per box down- so boo on them!
    and have fun!!!

  4. Random days are the best! High five to Noah for mastering a two-wheeled bike...we're still working on that here. :) Hope you have fun at the party tonight!

  5. I hate when trees do that! Love those sandals and I'm seriously getting some of those cookies! Now I don't have to wait for the girl scouts! lol!

  6. The faux samoas are going to be my downfall...not cool Ali ;) Sounds like a lot of cools things happening! Go Noah! I can barely get Natalie to ride her bike WITH training wheels! As for the tree, I'm understand why it would be sad to see it go. Hugs! Oh and Ca-ute sandals!

  7. Yay for Saturday randomness!!! Super sad that I didn't get to hang today, but I hope you have a fun night at Tompa's and at the party xo Oh, and I'll miss the tree too, but it definitely must go. :/

  8. Okay. I thought I was the only one who knew about those Keebler cookies! I've bought a few packages over the last few months, and you are right - EXACTLY like the Girl Scouts - except cheaper - YAY! ! I was so excited when I found them! I don't even keep them with our regular pantry food - I keep them as a special stash way up high where the kids don't know they exist. They also make another kind of cookie that taste like Thin Mints! But since Samoas are my all-time favorite, that's the kind I stock up on. I'm in Samoa Heaven!!!


  9. This is going to sound funny, but you have the cutest feet! I wish I could still be wearing flip flops, but the cold has officially arrived here...It's UGGS from here on out....

    Take care,

  10. LOVE the shoes and those cookies are seriously evil. I ate like 10 the other night!


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