Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This and that...

Hello all! I'm busy with randomness over here. Not much of it is very blog worthy at the moment but I have a few things to mention none the less. neighbor George helped me with a project yesterday. It's still in progress and I'm still not sure if it's a fail, but we'll see. Here's George :)
He's the sweetest man and has an arsenal of awesome tools in his garage workshop. He showed me how to use a biscuit cutter. Fun! More on this project later :)

Next - making their 2011 debut are my Christmas tree heart ornaments. Read about the 2010 version HERE. These will be in my Etsy shop soon and I really like how they turned out (I'm not sick of the book page medallion yet, can you tell?). Every tree NEEDS a heart on it so that everyone knows it was decorated with love. Get on board people!!!

They will be available in either red or white (pink upon request).

I want to package them up cute too, but I'm not too sure how yet. In my world, packaging is almost as important as the item iteself. We will see what I can come up with :)
Like 'em?? Want one?? Go HERE!!

Lastly I wanted to share this picture of Hayden...
Lisa and I took her to Disneyland the other day for a few hours (we have hook-ups to get in for free) and she got grumpy in line for Alice In Wonderland.! Ha ha! Probably my favorite picture of the year so far :)

Happy hump day everyone. It's HOT here in SoCal today...90 degrees at the beach. What the??!


  1. Very cute ornaments. :) And how great is it to have Disney hook-up?! I'm from Florida near Orlando {therefore Disney World}. I love knowing people who can get it you in, it's the best! Did she at least get happy once she saw Alice?

  2. those ornies are adorable!!!! what a great idea, ali!!! LOVE them!! and i have some other comments about them that i need to hold back on for a personal chat. ;) but seriously they are awesome!!!!
    and hayden is just like emmy! :) too cute!

  3. Your ornaments are adorable Ali! And Hayden is pretty darn cute too! How fun to be able to spend a few hours at Disney!

  4. LOVE the new ornaments! Gonna need one in red please :) And if Hayden only knew how cool it was that she can go to Disneyland for free (haha!) No seriously my kids gets so grumpy sometimes and I just htink it's cute which makes them even grumpier! :)

  5. Hayden is darling! Keep that picture handy, when she grows up and her kids give her a grumpy look you can show her that.....HAHAHA! Biscuit cutter...sounds great! I look forward to that! High 5 to George for the help!

  6. They're soooo cute!!!! I love them! How in the world are you already thinking about Christmas, I can't do it. It's still 80 here, I'm barely in fall mode!

    I love when as parents we can giggle when our kids are pouty.... silly children :)
    Pamela @

  7. Yay for the new ornaments and for adorable pouty Hayden. :) And I can't wait to see how the secret project turns out (thanks George!) xo

  8. Love the ornaments! You are so lucky to just be able to pop on over to Disneyland for a few! Hayden is such a cutie!


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