Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i love lamp.

Happy Tuesday everyone!? Today I am a happy girl. I am a happy girl for many reasons. One, my hubby took Noah to school this morning and Hayden to the gym with him so I could have some much loved alone time. Two, because after we pick up Noah from school we are headed to Disneyland with my inlaws and sis in law and her family to see all the fabulous Halloween decor and go on some rides (this is the first year that DLand has gone all out for Halloween). And three, I finally got some new bedside table lamps and I am in LOVE! Ok, first I will show you a pic of my old lamps (please note that I had these lamps in my college apartment over 10 years ago. they were originally purchased at Ross for $19.99 each). oops. disregard the messy dresser top in the background please.
The lamps weren't hideous, and pretty stylish for a college kid I must say. BUT, they are definitely not my current style and not the look I am going for in my bedroom. You can see in the pic below my attempt to give them a makeover. The budget is seriously tight right now so I was trying to upcycle them and make them "work."

My plan was to spray the base shiny gold (I know some of you are not gold people, but I totally am) and find some long narrow white drum shades to go with them. Problem! Long narrow white drum shades that fit these lamps (they have that skinny chandelier type bulb) don't exist. Trust me. Ugh!

So, several trips to all places that sell lamps....Target, Ross, Marshall's, Home Goods, etc and I finally found some I loved that were in the budget (not according to my hubby, but he would prefer we read by candle light rather than pay money for new lamps).
I'm thinking they kind of resemble the Daniella lamp from Ballard Designs ($219 each)....

or even the Louisa lamp ($329 each)...
My new lamps were marked $29.99 each, plus I had a $10 rewards certificate to redeem putting my new fabulous lamps at $25 each. BAM! take that Ballard!!!!!

(oh yeah, and you can see in the above pic that I got the final throw pillow to finish up my bedding ensemble. Look back at the pic of my room with the gold lamps and you can see the random white one I threw in for the pic).
I found this matching tan pillow with pretty script on it. The finishing touch. The last piece to the puzzle. Yay, yay, yay!
Big picture again.....


  1. It looks SO SO awesome, sister! You know I have been on board the new-lamp train since day 1. You are super thoughtful and thrifty, and at the end of the day you got a GREAT bargain on lamps that you LOVE - totally worth it, no question about it! I love your room - it's so tranquil and stylish now! xo

  2. Very pretty! Funny I was on the hunt today for some new lamps!! It must be the time of year! Your room looks so great!

  3. I love it too! great new lamps and an awesome look for the whole room!

  4. aaah, so much better and so much more suited to your style! i love symmetry, too- it makes me happy!

  5. Your title made me giggle :) They look great!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  6. They look great, nice job! I love how everything is coming together. Its looking good!And my hubby is the same way about everything that is decorative or even not necessary in his mind (which is most things). He doesn't want to spend money on anything! At all! But it's kinds good cause it balances me out, hehe. :)

  7. LOVE IT ALL!!! Those lamps are perfect! Beautiful Ali!!!

  8. No more shiny gold lamps? I need a moment to mourn them - oh, wait, no I don't. :)
    I LOVE your new lamps! Very, very pretty! It's looking quite fancy up in there!

  9. The lamps look great...your bedroom is so charming!

  10. Those are great Ali, They really dress up the room.....They are rather sophisticated, great choice!

  11. It looks great! Love those pillows! I think I may need them! ;)


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