Saturday, November 26, 2011

Double Turkey Day re-cap

Are you FULL???? I'm FULL!! Ha ha. I-ate-too-much.
Just wanted to pop on to say that I survived Turkey Day #1 on Thursday with my hubby's family, Black Friday shopping with my sister at the mall on Friday, and Turkey Day #2 on Saturday with my family. It was AWESOME! Here are a few pics for ya :)

Turkey Day #1
"The Fam"

Goofball #1...we'll call him blinky ;)
Goofball #2...we'll call her spazzy :)
Crafting...we made the new ornament banner craft kit this year :)


Turkey Day #2
Two of my cuties carving the bird...

{Some} of my cousins with my sis and I....
(note: my freakishly bright yellow shirt was actually cute in person. Pretty blinding in this pic though, ha ha)

Treats! Mmmmm! (Noah made this Turkey for my mom a couple years ago at Build-a-bear)

The kiddos....(check out Noah's sweet stance. He's in the blue and white stripes. Ha ha)
And I just wanted to throw this pic in because it looks so pretty :)

Here's a shot of how sweet Hayden ended the night after having tons of fun playing with her cousins....
Hopefully baby Oliver won't mind sharing his soft rug with his sleepy cousin :)

Ooooh, I also wanted to mention that the Water 4 Christmas Etsy shop is open. Do some awesome holiday shopping while helping people in desperate need of clean drinking water. I donated a book page ornament this year and it already sold, yay! There are some great things in there still so get your shop on :)

Thanksgiving is officially over and it's now time to deck my halls baby! Get ready for Christmas mania people!!!
Stay tuned!! 


  1. going to check out the water 4 christmas shop- thanks!
    and your family is so adorable, and you and your sis and cousins are all beautiful! and what's up with that neon sweater???? ha ha! kidding! i love yellow and it didn't look freakishly bright- it just stood out because no one else was wearing color. :)

  2. WOW, 3 dinners, I would say you are full for sure! So sweet of you to donate an ornament to water 4 Christmas....of course, it already sold!

  3. So fun! Family is the best! Love the cute stuffed turkey Noah made. :) and I'll definitely check out that shop!

  4. It was such a fun day, sister, and I am full too!!! :) xo Your kiddos are my favorite, and the only squirly guy missing from the great-grandkid picture (besides Oliver) is Diego (of course) LOL. He was probably "surfing" on Oliver's glider chair (UGH!!!!). Oh, and Ollie says he'll share his rug with Hayden anytime!

  5. Your shirt looks beautiful!!! So does your family :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Pamela @

  6. Looks like you had a great time with your fam and lots of yummy food! Love the pic of Hayden crashed out on the cute!

  7. Aww, such wonderful memories!!!


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