Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's Etsy Faves...ETC.

Happy happy Friday everyone!
Noah has the day off from school today so we're relaxing the morning away, yay! I love that! Before I get to my Etsy faves, I wanted to share a cute pic of our little Indian at his Thanksgiving Feast yesterday.
My job this year was to make the "popcorn turkey"
(this was not my original idea at all. I received a picture from his teacher with a picture from last year's turkey as inspiration). It was filled with popcorn and each kid got a big scoop of popcorn serving as the "turkey" on their plate :) It was very cute to see Noah and all of his little friends in action!

Ok, now moving on to my faves...

First up today are these beautiful handmade candles from Harmony Farm Candles:
I had the pleasure to meet Erin this summer and I purchased a bunch of these candles. Her scents smell wonderful and fill the whole house with deliciousness. Holiday gifts?? YES!!

Next are these adorable candy cane striped clothes pins from Rachael's Soaps. I may need these to string up my Xmas cards this year:

I'm also thinking I need a vintage Santa apron from A Sentimental Journey this year. Ok, confession, I don't actually cook for Christmas, but still. The hostess must look festive :)

And last but certainly not least, I am loving these handmade owl ornaments from Blue Eyed Dragonfly.
She makes them using recycled cardboard from cereal boxes etc. Great (green) product, and they are adorable too!!!

I hope you like my faves this week! Etsy is loaded with tons of Christmas goodies, almost too many!! It's just awesome!!

Today is my last day to prepare for the holiday boutique tomorrow. Here are a couple pics of the things I've been working on for my booth:

I made a couple chalkboards with frames I found while thrifting: (although I already sold one to one of my new mom friends at Noah's school).

I got a cute little tree at World Market to display my pom pom ornaments (which I listed in my Etsy shop and pretty much sold all of these in this picture. Ha ha. I've been rapidly making more of them for tomorrow.....definitely not a bad problem to have).

Pom pom garlands of course...

And I also made some fun chalkboard gift tags and packaged them up with a piece of chalk:
I made them out of 3 chipboard snowflake "Merry Christmas" banners that I got last year for 75% off at Target. Cute?? Cute!

I have a bunch of other crafts in the works too, it's going to be a busy final push to get ready. I will be putting my Etsy shop on vacation mode for the day tomorrow because I will be bringing the majority of my inventory with me to the sale. Wish me luck people!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone :)


  1. You've been busy! Love the chalkboards! I have no luck finding good frames like that.

  2. your little native american (come on now, ali- let's be PC!, he he) is so darn cute!
    and love your picks- that apron is sooo fun! and i am loving the candles- i am crossing my fingers i win her giveaway.
    and best of luck- you are going to do so well. your stuff is so fun and unique.
    love, your biggest (bootied) fan, cassie

  3. I'm making a popcorn turkey for Carter's class too! So fun!

  4. Noah's feast and sing was ADORABLE! Thank you for inviting this proud Auntie to join in (even though it's a no brainer cuz I live like 1 mile away - hehe). I love ALL of your faves, especially those clothes pins (I need them!) and I cannot wait to flea with you tomorrow!! xo Yay for holiday goodness!!

  5. I am sending you "successful boutique Karma"...if that makes any sense! I love those chalkboard tags, great idea!

  6. Your little guy is adorable! Those candles sound yummy.. Have fun tomorrow. I am sure you will sell a lot! Your pom pom ornaments are darling.

  7. Good luck tomorrow, Ali--hope you have lots of sales and mucho fun! :) Thanks for the mention in your Friday Faves, too. You always find the cutest stuff on Etsy.

  8. I wish you much success today!!! Love all of these Etsy finds.

  9. I love the pom pom ornaments - what a neat idea!!!! I'm heading over to your Etsy shop now! I should NOT buy them since I'm trying to get better at my stay-at-home momma budget! Ahhhh.... all of this cute stuff! :) :)

    Love the chalkboard ones, too! Good job!

  10. Oh, I love these Ali! You have so many great ideas!


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