Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shameless plug and some randomness

Hi there!! Just wanted to pop in to show you a few new things happening in my shop :)

Shop till you drop, k!!??

I've also been doing some personal crafting lately..... Pom poms = LOVE. Can't wait to finish up so I can show it off. I plan for it to be AMAZING!!! Ha ha :)
Our countdown has officially begun....
And I have been working harder on making more magical moments with these two....
I have a tendency to get caught up in running errands, crafting, chores etc. This means that the kids end up either being dragged around from place to place or are forced to entertain themselves. This is definitely a good skill to have of course, but they definitely need some fun mommy moments too. Just trying to keep it all in balance :)

Happy hump day everyone :)


  1. Your shop is whats HAPPENING!! HAHAHA! I am such a sucker for Ali things...wish I could make what you make!

  2. Cute stuff girlie!! I love your Thanksgiving countdown! It's hard to slow down sometimes...but it's the time with those 2 cuties that you will remember! :)

  3. you know i love all your stuff! the ho ho ho;s are awesome!
    can ui custom order a "u da ho" ? he he.
    seriously friend, you rock.
    when you are here we need to have a couple crafty days- that would seriously be a dream to me. yes, i am a loser with hariy toes.

  4. I love the mommy moments! It's tough to balance, good for you for putting in the effort :)

  5. I love the new holiday decor fun!!! I NEED one for Thanksgiving still - N-E-E-D. DO IT! LOL. And yay for making memories. I can't wait until Oliver and I can join in on the memory making! Love u! xo
    (and show us that darn pom-pom magic already!!! I am dying over here!!!!!)

  6. I LOVE the decorations! Adorable! And - so are those kids!

  7. Where do you get all these ideas for your decorations, Ali?! Love them...will be ordering some more of those book page ornaments for sure!

    That's funny you should mention focusing on spending more quality time with your kids because I've been striving to do the same lately. I was watching an episode of Oprah's Lifeclass recently where Maya Angelou posed the question, "Does your face light up when your child enters the room?" That socked me right in the heart and I've since been more conscious of being an engaged, kid-focused mom. It can be hard when there are so many things I want to do but they need to know how important they are to us!


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