Thursday, November 3, 2011

Simple Fall...

Yesterday my sweeter than sweet sister took Miss Hayden to the mall with her while Noah was at school so I could take down Halloween and clean a bit. Let me just say, it was awesome, but it wasn't nearly enough time. I sort of felt like a chicken with my head cut off because I have 80 billion things I want to get done. So, I bounced around from place to place doing little bits of this and that. I did manage to get Halloween put away and make some small modifications for some simple Fall decor. We do Thanksgiving over at my sister's house so the decorations are purely for our enjoyment.
It sort of has a "pumpkin patch" feel to it, ha ha! Happy pumpkins scattered about :)
I have been collecting milk glass for a while now and some of my pieces are happily on display as mini pumpkin risers on my mantle :)

(if only my kids would stop rearranging them...I think I may lose my mind!!)

I also added some bling to my chalkboard and plan to start our gobble gobble countdown soon. I was lucky enough to find this 3-pack of sparkly Fall leaves at Michael's for $1.99. They go perfectly with my "Thanks" bunting (that is available in my shop).
I also got this pretty gold "sand" type stuff at Ikea in their Christmas section. It's pretty and sparkly in person and is the perfect vase filler :)
It will easily transition into Christmas too as gold is one of my holiday colors :)
That's about it. Simple, pretty, Fall.
Stay tuned for some new hair clips and banners in my shop too...
I'm selling at a crafty/flea market/boutique style garage sale at my friend's house in Old Towne Orange in November so I must get to work!!
Happy {almost} FRIDAY!!


  1. Very nice Ali! I love the pumpkins in the milk glass. That's so exciting that you're selling at a crafty flea market whatever sale! Congrats!

  2. it is so warm and pretty! i love it! i love the chalkboard always decorated and i need a huge frame to do that. i always love yours.
    and your shop is like crack to me. i need it.

  3. So pretty! That vase filler is awesome. Even better that it transitions so easily into holiday decor.

  4. Your house looks very pretty and verity festive. I love that gold vase filler!

  5. It's so pretty!!! I love your mantel!

  6. Hi Ali,

    I love all the posts you've done this week! I finally got a chance to just sit at the computer and look around. Your frame from you room looks great made over and I really like you mantel! Nicely done. =)

    ~ Catie

    Pop by and enter my first ever giveaway. I'm pretty excited about it. : )

  7. love the decorations for Fall and the new clips
    got lots of compliments on one of the clips you made for Sienna at bday party we were at this weekend :)
    they loved it!

  8. I am catching up on your blog, watchout, I'll be commenting on all your wonderfulness, HAHAHA!...Love the Ikea gold sand, great tip. I am making a run to their this week..I will be picking that stuff up.

  9. Very cute mantel! You have some great ideas!


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