Friday, November 11, 2011

Jumping the {X-mas} gun...

I fought the urge as long as I could but I couldn't fight it any longer. I Christmas crafted!! I know I have already been Christmas crafting for Etsy, but I went and did it for my home. YES I know it is only mid-November. I KNOW! But I couldn't help myself and I-BLAME-PINTREST! My crazy premature Christmas crafting occurred because I saw THIS:
I KNOW!!! I KNOW!!! Amazing! I instantly fell in love! I am a pom-pom lover so this wreath had to be mine! No other choice! Mine - mine - mine!

Here's what I did to make my own :)
First I made about a gazillion pom poms. No joke, I have a claw for a hand (totally worth it btw).
Next I bought this wire wreath form from Michael's for $2.24

Then, I started tying on the pom poms one by one. 
And then I repeated this process like a gazillion times :)
I didn't have the fabulous metal light reflector flower thingys that were in the inspiration wreath so I had to improvise. My go-to material, as many of you already know, is glitter card stock. No-brainer really!

Step one: cut circle out of glitter card stock...
Step 2: cut slits in circle...
and then more slits...
Step 3: Do the same thing to a smaller circle...
Once all the slits are cut in both circles, you need to use an exacto to cut a star shape in the center of each circle...
After this is done, it's time to thread the mini-pom pom :)
Layer the 2 paper flowers together and BAM! Flower power :)
Ok...enough of this tutorial nonsense. Do you wanna see it!!???

LOOK at this!!!

BIGGER picture??

Are you dying from picture-mania yet?? NO?? Ok, good.

Keepin' it real moment?? As you can see below, it doesn't quite fit in well with my simple Fall decor. It may have to come down until after Turkey Day.
I have a feeling that this pom pom magic is going to set the tone for Ali-Xmas-2011! Oh yeah baby!!! I hope you like it (and I totally get it if it isn't quite "you" but is OH so me!!)
Happy Day to you all!


  1. I looks Ah-mazing! Completely love it!!! I really love the bright, cheery colors and poms poms are so fun. You should leave it up anyways, cause it's the bomb!

  2. i can't wait for you to come in may so some of your clever crafty ways can brush off on me!!!! this is AWESOME. no wait.... MAGICAL!!! the colors are amazing!

  3. Damn that Cassie...LOL! I don't think I will ever be able to beat her to a comment....You are going her way in May? It would be awesome if I could meet up with you guys somehow???

    On to the wreath...FABULOUS...Do you have tutorial on your blog anywhere showing how to make the pom poms???

    Have a great weekend....

  4. Super Super cute! Just love the colors! I love Pom Poms too but can't make them to save my soul - you should post a tutorial on how you made yours. Stopped by from TT&J Weekend Wrap-up. AJ@queenofmynest

    ps... Pinned to my Wreath board

  5. That looks SO great! You're right, a claw-hand is a very fair price for such cuteness! I admit, I had to do the same recently...I saw a great "kitschmas" tutorial at and made a crazy over-the-top vintage ornament wreath. It was so fun!

  6. I love it! I love pom poms as well. I need to buy yarn, 'cause right now, I have brown, tan and yellow. Awesome for a sahara theme wreath, but not much of anything else. I'm pinning for later.:)

  7. I L-O-V-E it!!!! So much!! & it is so cool that it is not a cliche X-mas decoartion. It could be Valentines day, or anytime really! I love it and think you are amazing at what you do!

  8. It's so bright and happy looking! Love it for the holidays!!

    I shared it on my TT&J facebook page :)


  9. I love this, I don't know if I would have the dedication to complete this project. This would be something I would purchase instead! Amazing work.

  10. Love this! I added it to my winter pinterest board. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Jaimee @

  11. It's okay, Ali, you are not alone in the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas crafting! A friend and I were making glitter houses yesterday and it rocked. :)

    And speaking of things that rock--your wreath is so fun!! So you! I just cannot believe you tied ALL of those poms poms on...good lord! After making them, too. Give your claw some rest... :)

  12. I love it! Love the blues and red together! I would love you to come link up to my new link party Friday Frolic! It needs some love:)

  13. oh my i just luv the colours and the use of bling papers.
    Would luv for my readers to see this awesome idea, will you please join our weekly party at
    have a great crafting weekend!

  14. This is so favourite colours together....:) have a great week! xo

  15. O.K. I do not have an ounce of the talent you is awesome! Love it! I think Pinterest inspired you well! Can't wait to get my pompom garland and start my addiction to those things!

  16. Love, love, love it!!! You might just have to make one of these for every season!

  17. I love it! It's so cheery and bright and cozy all at the same time!

  18. Wow. So cute. I too have been making little cheery pom poms for Christmas crafting. Don't feel bad about starting early - this way you can hang it up and enjoy it longer!

  19. SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! Love the pom poms in a major way! I am excited to decorate for Christmas too! You should come up to my boutique tomorrow!

  20. This is fab! I love the colors you chose! Great job. :)

  21. So very cute! I love the bright colors! You could so use this for the holidays too!

  22. ohmygosh, that is so cute!!! i love anything bright and pom-pommy :) thanks for linking up!

  23. I love this!! You did a fantastic job :)

    I featured your wreath on my blog today, feel free to stop by & check it out.

  24. cute!! first time visitor. Come share on my blog every Tuesday :) ~nancy~

  25. So super cute! I'm going to have to make one! Soon! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle


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