Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer pom poms and HOBBY LOBBY!

Happy Weekend everyone!! I am gearing up for a day of watching my little baby nephew while my sis packs her house (moving day tomorrow). It's actually the first time I will have him all to myself. My youngest is 3, so it's been a while since I was in full on baby mode. A bit scared, but mostly excited. He's so adorable, it's impossible not to smile when I'm with him :)

I have been busy crafting lately. I had a few "pomathons" as they have previously been called. This is when I make a zillion pom poms in one sitting (usually while watching tv or a movie after the kids are in bed).

You can now find Patriotic pom poms
and Nautical pom poms
In my Etsy shop :)
YAY for happy pom poms!!

I also want to report that there is now a Hobby Lobby in the town over from me. Woohoo!!! AND, my mom got a job there (cha-ching...employee discount here I come). My sis in law and I could not be more thrilled to have this craft supply mecca in our backyard - finally!!! Here are a few things I picked up on my first trip to the "Hob Lobster." I used a gift card that my sis in law gave me for my b-day back in March (can you tell we have been dying for it to open, ha ha).

I got this cute rustic metal basket. It was $4 and then 40% off. Um - yeah. Awesome! Oh, and I also got a big bag of shells to fill that glass vase in the background. It came with that big shell on my stack of books too. I love me some summer shells :)

I got this cool burlap vase/candle holder. It has some sort of longitude/latitude stenciled on it. $6 - 40% off. Yep!

My regular priced item that I used my 40% off coupon on was this cool caddy. I plan to use it on my desk with glue gun sticks, pens, etc. I think it was $7.99 - 40% coupon. I can't wait to label it and get it loaded up :)

I also purchase my very first paint-by-number set. I am so excited to find a peaceful moment (RARE peaceful moment) to get started.

And lastly, I recently decided to switch all of my gallery wall frames to white and gold. They used to be black but I think the white looks much lighter and brighter. Perfect for Summer. The two wider white ones (top left and bottom right) came from Hob Lob. Frames are on sale there every day (which means they are marked up to begin with but ah well, what can ya do).
I love the clean look of the white frames. And of course, the gold, I love the gold :)
So, that's it. Wish me luck babysitting ;)

Check ya later gators! ha ha.


  1. Yay for Hobby Lobby! My MIL will be excited too, she always goes there when she visits here. You found super cute stuff. Makes me want to go tomorrow and try to get some of the same exact things! :)

  2. I can NOT believe you having been living without Hobby Lobby!! Welcome to a whole new world, ha! Love love love the pom poms!

  3. I'm sure you're having a great day with the little guy. I did a horse paint-by-number when I was young...also one of Christ. Wish I had known they'd be worth money some day!

  4. don't ask me why but i call hobby lobby hob lobster.... so maybe you need to call it that. ;) or heaven. you could call it heaven.
    love the poms! they are pomerican! he he. long drives make me goofy.
    miss you and love you!

  5. I think I need to get to Hobby Lobby! Love that little caddy!

  6. Oliver says "thank you Auntie, for taking such good care of me!!! I love you!!" & I say thank u, thank u, THANK U! Xoxo love u & your poms & your frames & hob lobster!! Love all around xo

  7. love those patriotic pom's! I also looove hobby lobby but the closest one to me is like an hour away:( i do make the trip often though!

  8. You got some great deals!! Love everything! I wish the Hobby Lobby was closer to me...maybe not. I would spend way too much (time and money).

  9. Ohh, love those pom-poms! How fun! And what awesome Slobby Lobby finds (don't ask me why we call it has nothing to do with anything, but I guess with a name like Hobby Lobby, it's just asking for a silly nickname!) Hope you have fun painting! I keep hoping I'll run across a vintage equine paint-by-number painting at a yard sale, but good to know I can pick up one for 40% off. :)

  10. love the poms!! and your fabulous hobby lobby finds! I don't know what I'd do if I didn't live near one! So glad your close to one!!

  11. Hobby Lobby. It makes me so happy! Ali, I had a blast going with you the other day. So many great finds!
    And I seriously love that 4th of July Pom Pom Garland!

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