Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Haps on the Craps

Hello everyone! I have been a lazy blogger lately. Not too much to blog about at the moment. My house is messy, school is almost out, etc, blah blah. Haha. I did take some random pictures of what's happenin' over here in my world :)

Potty training. Full force. SO not fun, but must be done. She didn't want to be photographed. haha.

She's doing really well so far so hopefully she keeps it up :)

We are also growing tomatoes for the second year in a row. YAY!

Super excited for these babies to turn red and get in mah belly!!! haha!

I am spray painting a few things white for my friend's nursery. The bird cage was brown, and the peg thingy was white with a girly floral print on it.

I scored this awesome box of vintage Xmas bulbs at a garage sale for $1. I'm super excited about it :) My husband thinks I'm a hoarder. haha!

Oh - and remember how I had a wall of frames in progress long long ago??
Well - they pretty much came down shortly after they went up. They kept falling off the wall when my kids were acting goofy in the hall. They were never straight, etc. Well, I filled all of the zillion holes and touched up with paint. Recently I started a "gallery" type wall there that I'm kind of lovin' it. I need to fill it in of course, but here is what is there so far.
It's the wall between the kid's rooms so I'm happy that it's sort of a happy kid-friendly wall.
This is a painting that I painted while I was at Cassie's.

And this is the cutest book page from Cassie's thrifted vintage Richard Scarry book.
Luckily, mouse got over the mumps and was ready to party :)
I like how it's coming along so far and I also like that I have the freedom to add random things that I like as I go along :)

Oh - and lastly, I reccently added these fun pom poms to my Etsy shop. I found yarn colors that looked just like the yummy rainbow sherbert ice cream from my youth :) Yay! Looks like Summer to me :)

I hope you are all having a great week so far. This weekend, I'm off to wine country for my friend's bachelorette par-tay. Life is sa-weeeeet!


  1. thank goodness mouse is over the mumps so he can go to the bachelorette party.... wait... maybe i skimmed too much and misunderstood... ;)
    LOVE the new pom colors! LOVE LOVE LOVE! happy! ice cream! tomatoes! summer! potties! parties!

  2. Loving the gallery wall. That lower left chalkboard is cuuute! Have fun at the bachelorette party!

  3. Ohhh I don't envy you potty training is hard work! Your gallery wall is adorb!

  4. Potty training, oh what fun! Hope your little miss cooperates with you so you can have an enjoyable summer! Loving all your super awesome projects.


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