Friday, June 29, 2012

Our 2012 Summer List etc.

YAY for Summer!!! We are having a blast so far. It has been amazingly beautiful here in SoCal for the start of Summer and we are soaking it in every day!!! I recently made our 2012 Summer List and we are checking things off left and right :)

Here is our list with some things checked off :)

Here are some pictures of our "Summer List" fun!
Picnic in the park for Nana's b-day:

We picked our first batch of tomatoes:
Mmmm. They make me happy :)

We went to the beach (which is on the list a few times because I know we will practically live there all summer).

We went to the Beach Club (which is a pool with a sandy bottom that the kids love)

We did some slipping and sliding....


And we started swimming lessons.....

So as you can see, we are busy busy with Summer fun! I have been working on a diy project or two that I will hopefully be posting about soon. Here's a teaser pic for you...

AND - I have begun to shell-ify my house....

HOORAY for Summer!!!!!! I'll be back soon with some DIY goodness...I semi-promise :)


  1. looks like you guys are having a blast! and boy do hayden and ollie look like siblings. :) love and miss you so so much.

  2. So fun! Loving Summer here too! Looking forward to those DIY project reveals.

  3. Great idea! Need to do a list myself!! Happy happy Summer!

  4. Fun list! I'm most jealous of the D-land one though! :)

  5. Love it! Love all the pictures! Should probably make a list myself! xo


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