Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy HaPpY 4th of July!!!!!

HAPPY Fourth of July everyone!!!!! We are packing up and heading down to the beach for the day. I'm hoping the sun shows up today, but if not, we will still have a blast!!! Later, it's bbq & fireworks time :) YAY!!! I just love the 4th! SO festive and fun!
(I'm putting my Luckett's marquis #4 to good use today)

Yesterday we spent some time at a friend's house. She was having a 3rd of July party :)
It's hard to see, but Hayden got flipped around on the slide. She didn't like it. That was the only time she went down. haha!!
My sweet friend Ashley & I :)
It was a great day!

After we got home, we tried out a couple fireworks (which are actually illegal in our town - boo). Breakin' the law!!

I hope you all have a safe and super happy 4th!!!!! Happy Birthday America!!!!!

Oh - and I didn't get my 4th of July glitter banners in the shop in time - duh. Next year, I'll try to be more prepared ;)

And I also made this sweet ABC banner for the shop (which I think would look perfect in a nursery or play room).

I only have enough supplies to make 4 of these, so let me know if you want one :)

Ok - that's all for now.
Now - I head to the beach :)


  1. Cute 4th of July mantel! The sparkly bunting is so fun. And I definitely want a cute ABC banner for baby girl's room! Save me one. :) Happy 4th of July Ali!!!

  2. what a fun slide! and party and day you have planned for the 4th of July!
    I absolutely love your banner at the bottom - and I LOVE your shell-ified house - PLEASE come and decorate my house. I have a ton of shells from our vacations and I never know what to do with them. Maybe I'll copy some of your ideas above :) love it!!

  3. Your house is always decorated in such a fun way for any it! The nursery banner is wonderful!


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