Monday, July 30, 2012

Roadkill Rescue - Hubby files

Hello all, I hope you are having a nice week so far. I finally, finally tackled a diy project. It-has-been-a-while. haha! This Summer has been a busy one so far so I'm having a hard time keeping it all together. School routine will be here before we know it, so I'm taking advantage of lazy beach days and being a blob :)

Remember back when I showed you the mirror that my hubby found with a "free" sign on it??
As I mentioned previously, I was SUPER shocked when he actually brought a piece of "junk" into the house rather than out. I instantly fell in love with this mirror and knew it had to go somewhere special. I also knew I wanted to paint it.....hmmm....what to do?

First - I had to tape it.
UGH! It was a total pain to tape. Took forever.

Finally!! haha! NO fun.

I decided the guest/kid bathroom would be the best spot for it. It doesn't exactly "go" with the fixtures in there really, but those will all change eventually so I thought I would try it out. Here is a before pic of the boring bathroom.
Not terrible, but definitely not fabulous either. This bathroom doesn't get any natural light at all which is a total bummer. Hopefully the new mirror helps brighten things up a bit in there :)

Here's the after shot for ya :)

I stayed in my comfort zone and went with my go-to favorite color aqua. I like the way it looks with the yellow accents that I already had in there. That awesome wooden sign is from my friend Pamela at PBJStories. She's super talented and I was lucky to win the first giveaway ever on her blog. I was sooooo excited when I found out I won!

The mirror had some old hardware on it and I decided to leave it on there. I want to remember that this was a piece that was used somewhere else in it's past life, and now it lives with us :)
From what I could tell, it looks like it was attached to a dresser.
Along with the light distressing I gave it, there were also some fun chippy patches that I left alone. I wanted to let the mirror show it's age and character a bit.

All in all I think it looks pretty cute in there.

("Hayden - look in the mirror and smile for Mommy.")
fail #1.
fail #2

She's just so cooperative, huh!?

I hope you like this mini makeover/roadkill rescue project. I am still so proud of my sweet husband for dragging it home! He must reeaalllly love me ;)

Have a great day!


  1. it looks amazing! it's the perfect scale and adds the perfect ali touch to that bathroom!

  2. Love the shape and the color looks great in your bathroom with the yellow. My husband just brought me home 2 mirrors the other day he found on Craigslist. $10 for both....yeehaw! They are about 14" wide by 40" tall and have some pretty neat frames. Still need to figure out what I'm going to do with them!

  3. Awwww you're so sweet for the shout out - I love the new mirror! It's ADORABLE!

  4. I think it makes that room look so much prettier. & as Cassie said, I think the scale is perf.! Xo I love it!

  5. Hayden is a doll and that mirror is fabulous! Love the color - it definitely adds some spice to the bathroom!

    So glad you joined our Color party!
    Pinning this - because I think everyone should have a cool, unique mirror (and get rid of the one's that come with the house!

  6. It looks great! She is posing just like my son would!

  7. your hubby did great!! it looks perfect in your bathroom!

  8. Beautiful shade of blue, Ali--and how cool that your hubby found it for free--I love that! Well done all around!

  9. It looks so good in there! I love it! And I bet your hubby is happy he brought it home for you. :)

  10. Very nice, and your "fails" made me laugh!

  11. I totally take back my suggestion of turning this into a chalkboard! LOL It's utter perfection as a mirror with that gorgeous aqua frame. Love how it pops against the wall and goes so beautifully with the dark wood and yellow accents!

  12. Your husband is the best ... and your daughter maybe not the best photo assistant. LOL

    Thank you so much for linking this up to our party!!

  13. I love this DIY and this color blue is gorgeous.

  14. Gotta love a husband who hauls junk home for his wife to transform into a thing of beauty!

    Thank you so much for sharing at our Crazy for Color link party!



  15. What a great curvy mirror! I love the color and it looks great in your bathroom!


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