Monday, July 9, 2012

Seeing RED

Monday, Monday, Monday. Haha!
This past weekend, I spent my time standing next to one of my best friends as she married her best friend. My beautiful friend Susie married her sweet Grady in Pasadena and it was wonderful!!! Here is a pic of the happy couple (isn't my friend stunning!?). They are SO in love and it was really sweet to be a part of such a special day.

As promised last week, finally I have a diy to share. I know, it has been-a-while. haha! Thanks for hangin' in people!

A loooong time ago, I painted some boring windsor chairs white. I bought 4 of them for $20 on Craig's List to be my filler chairs when we have to put the extra leaves in our table for guests. Josh wishes we could just use the hideous folding chairs we have stacked in the garage, but I am not on board. These ones don't collapse, but they are much more pleasing to the eye. Here is a pathetic before shot....(and please disregard my dead lawn. Our backyard will be getting an overhaul as soon as the budget allows).
They have been white for a couple years now and they were looking super dingy and boring. It was time for a change.

Had they not already been painted white, I would have been seriously tempted to attempt this look that I saw on pinterest....

Aren't those dreamy!!? I'm pretty much in love with them. But, they were painted white, and I am not a fan of stripping so my dream ended there. Moving on.

First, I taped up the feet....
Then I saw RED.

BAM! Red!!! Oh yeah - Love!

My favorite part are the chippy white feet....
I know this look is supposed to be "dipped" but this is sort of the reverse the chairs were dipped and the feet stayed the same.

I originally thought I wanted to "distress the heck out of these bad boys" so I went to town with my sander. NOT a good idea. The distressing ended up looking fake and because of the white undercoat, it kind of gave it a pinkish tint that I was not loving.

Not a fan.
So they went back outside and got re-sprayed. Fun. NOT.
Here they are at our table after we expanded it for out 4th of July dinner...

Big picture...
feety feet.
I think I will like the look of them more as they get naturally distressed over time (which they most definitely will).

Off to swimming lessons we go :)
Happy Summer!


  1. LOVE them! the little feet are fabulous!! and hey, check it out, you have something to link up this week. yahoo!

  2. Your friend is GORGEOUS epitomy of a beautiful bride!!!

    and those chairs are too cute too! :)

  3. Super fun chairs, love 'em! They look really good with your table and other chairs. Nice job!

  4. You're the coolest! :)

    That's all ;) xo

  5. How adorable are these chairs! I too love the tips a different color! Your friend is pretty!

  6. I love those chippy little feet and the red was a great color choice. I really need to use it more often! ... And congrats to the happy couple!

  7. I'm seeing red too - this is fabulous with those dainty little feet! In fact, it'd be perfect for our Crazy About Color link party on July 31!


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