Thursday, July 12, 2012

ALERT - I used my sewing machine.

H-e-l-l-o people! You read that title right. I actually sewed. Straight lines. A LOT of them!!! Remember me?? The girl that glue gunned seat covers on my chair cushion?? Remember me?? the queen of the no-sew bunting using iron-on hem tape?? Yep, that's me. I am no longer a sewing machine avoider. Nope. Not anymore :) Yay!

Back story....My Etsy shop has been at a bit of a stand-still. I haven't been focusing on it much lately, and it shows (insert crickets chirping sound here). Anyway, I've been wanting to get crafty and use some supplies that I have on hand to make some new fun items for my shop. I have a couple other things in the works, but this first one I want to share with you is super girly and fun.

Introducing The Garden Party Bunting :)

I had some fun this morning and set up a little "garden party" in my backyard. Haha!! If only Hayden was the type of child that would cooperate, I would have had her pose for me. Nope. Not happenin'!

I know the idea of a bunting made out of vintage sheets isn't original to me, but I think I put my girly eclectic spin on it. I also think these would look so cute at a tea party, baby shower, in a craft room, etc. The possibilities are endless!

All of my vintage sheets have a water-color floral look to them so I thought they were perfectly suited for a girly garden party. Oh how I wish I had an occasion to throw a fabulous garden party {sigh}.

I made five of these so far and they are packaged up and ready to go :)

And here's a close-up of my straight lines...YAY. Seriously people, this is a big accomplishment for me :)

Hooray for sewing!!!

Now c'mon someone...throw a garden party!



  1. It is so cute!! If it wasn't sweltering hot out I might throw one just to use that :)

  2. i just LOVE it! the weather here at night has been perfect, so come on over, k? seriously.... i am in a funk and miss you so much!!!!! come get me out!!!!

  3. Very cute Ali! It looks great! Makes me want to have my own garden party. :)

  4. Good for you, Ali...sewing is a challenge. I put the bunting on Facebook.

  5. Oh sweet Ali! I Love that vintage fabric. You need to sew more often!

  6. I love those!!!! So much! If I had a garden, I would totally throw a garden party ;) (now come over and hem my curtains - lol!!)

  7. Very cute! i love the vintage fabric and am impressed with your sewing skills!

  8. I can't sew a button - maybe I need to motivate myself to give the sewing machine a try! What a cute bunting!!

  9. LOL! Go you! The more I use my sewing machine, the more I like it and have fun with it. Love these summery buntings, Ali!

  10. Adorable! I love it!!


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