Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fancy Schmancy etc

Hello there friends, happy day to you all :)
I have finally finished making & packaging my fancy schmancy felt hair bows for my etsy shop. If you follow me on instagram (my user name is arichardson79) then you already saw this pic. thumb has been numb for the last 3 days after the scissor marathon it took to make these beauties. Not joking. I made a bunch of these fun bows and fumbled through it on my own. After I figured it out and got rolling, I saw this tutorial on pinterest. It would have been handy to have this info prior to getting started. Ah well :/

Ready for some eye candy?!

Summer Sorbet.....

Sweet Love.....

Sunny Day...

Ocean Dreamin'.....

You likey??! I likey! I'm discovering that I like what I make more than the masses do. Haha. Still crickets chirping in my shop but hopefully as I keep adding new pretties, that will change :)

And here's a pic that makes my heart smile....
Noah had his first Lemonade stand at the park on Saturday and had a blast. He made $29!! A cute little old lady drove by and just gave him money as a donation for being a cute boy :)

AND - my heart is also happy because my sweet hubby begrudgingly planted 3 big hydrangeas in the front yard (against his wishes). He's not a fan of the bloom but they are one of my favorites. It was a lot of hard work to prepare the neglected, sandy soil for plants, but he did it just for me. Love that man!

(I will try not to kill u).

Happy Summer everyone!!!


  1. they are DARLING! so so cute! miss you to the moon and beyond!

  2. Adorable lemonade stand and the bows make me wish I had a little girl!! Love the creative names you came up with!!

  3. What a great hubby! I love hydrangeas too. :)

  4. Noah made $29 on his lemonade stand... I think I might quit this job and take up lemonade stands :) good for him! He IS a cute little boy, I would have stopped for sure.
    Love the bows - Sienna still refuses hats, clips, bows, headbands, etc. but I'm anxious for the day that she has some hair and will wear something pretty in it.
    LOVE the hydrangeas, yes, good hubby!!

  5. Yaaay for all of it!!!

    (I'm a lazy commenter...but u know how I feel ;) )

  6. Oh, those bows are beyond adorable. I will be placing an order for sure! I love how you do the summer bucket list, too. So fun. :) I laughed out loud at your note to the hydrangea at the end--they're pretty hardy so hopefully you'll have beautiful blooms for many years!

  7. Good luck with your new hydrangea!

    Wish I could've been one of Noah's customers that day.

    Those bows send me right back to 8th and 9th grade when small bows on the side of your hair were all the rage. Rose Marie on the Dick Van Dyke Show helped make them popular.

  8. Love your bows! Lemondade stands are the best...How fun!!!

  9. Lemonade stands just make me happy!!! Your bows are adorable.


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