Sunday, February 20, 2011


Rebecca over at This Present Life has an awesome Etsy shop called Happy Baby Designs. I recently purchased a set of bath cloths from her and they are absolutely AWESOME! If you have to suffer through the don't-get-water-in-my-eyes drama while bathing your little ones, do yourself a favor and go get some of these. They are super soft, super absorbent, and SUPER affordable (oh yeah - and SUPER adorable too). Go over to Happy Baby Designs and get some for yourself, you won't be sorry! (my new problem after buying these awesome cloths is getting him out of the bath. I'm sure Rebecca will eventually think of something to fix that problem too!) ha ha!


  1. Thanks for the love, Ali! And I'm so glad it's made bath time a little easier for both of you ;)

  2. that picture is awesome!!!!! so glad your kids are enjoying their goods from rebecca! she is so sweet and crafty- two of my favorite traits!


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