Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two new cuties....

I added these 2 new cuties to my Etsy shop today. Ummmm. Yeah. I guess after looking at them, you could say that these are two things that I want to buy......the jury is still out on Etsy-land wanting to buy them too. Ha ha. We'll see :)

(I gave my hubby "the key to my heart" back when we were dating and we have been together for almost 13 years now. The actual key that I gave him for his key chain was kind of lame looking, so I think it needs an upgrade. My heart is SUPER stylish and should be represented as such!)


  1. yes!!! i knew it was a swan! i just knew it!!! so cute- love the little saying that goes with it!

  2. Valentine's Day is Monday...maybe your husband can buy you the swans...and you can buy him the key :)

  3. Love it! Any owls yet? I'll head over to your Etsy site to check and see.


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