Friday, February 25, 2011

Projects and a Bathroom

Hello people, happy Friday!! We're busy busy around here. Not doing anything remarkable, just keepin' busy. The hubby was sick, the kids were sick. It's hot, it's cold. I don't know. Just life I guess. I did, however, buy my first piece of furniture that I am going to makeover and try to sell. Not a major business, but could be fun on the side if I find cheap pieces that I don't have room to keep. This table is exactly that. Too big for my house, but too pretty & too cheap to pass up ($15 from the local thrift shop).
These 2 guys are hard at work making something special for baby sister's second b-day party next month. More on this project soon.
And on to the "master" bathroom refresh. I put "master" in quotes because there isn't anything "master" about it. One lame sink, an ugly old shower, and it is teeny tiny in there. Lame. But even lame spaces need to be fresh, and this little space needed it. BAD. See this lovely light fixture. Yeah, I think it's been like that for at least a decade. Eeew.
Icky water damage on the window frame. ICKY. Well, I didn't invest too much considering this room needs a wrecking ball to really whip it into shape. But, a temporary fix for me involved pom poms.
I am a lover of pom pom trim. I would put it everywhere if I could. Lampshades, pillows, & most of all, curtains! I got this pair of beige cafe curtains at Anna's linens for $8.
I hot glued some black pom pom trim from WalMart on the bottom to fancy them up a bit.
I got this cute little ceiling fixture at home depot for $6. The part that attached to the ceiling was a shiny brass color, so I spray painted it white so it would blend in. Easy fix, and I think it sort of has a cute antique quality to it.
We painted the walls BEHR cottage white, I hung up a cute birdie, and that's about it. Refreshed-ish. See, it's not a proper master bath and it's hopefully in the 5 year plan to make more major improvements (i.e. spa my dreams).
And I'm currently making over a flea market magazine holder because this situation is NOT working.
I also wanted to show you where this guy ended up. He's hanging out in our kitchen "command center" by the phone. Slightly creepy-ish, but to me, adorable! (& I am swan smitten today as I received an extra special swan in the mail from a super duper friend. It's sort of hard to photograph so I'll try to share a pic tomorrow - yay!).
And this is the newest necklace in the shop (& my new personal favorite). Gotta love a quatrefoil, especially if it stands for something special :) Have a GREAT weekend people (& I should have more info on my 100-follower giveaway soon. I'm collaborating with another blogger and we're getting our ducks in a row as we speak)!


  1. Yea!!! 100 followers!!! I can't wait to see your furniture redo! I'll bet it turns out great! Your bathroom looks great, and the pom poms are so cute! Lovely necklace, too!

  2. ok, so my master bath is even lamer.... no shower... a sink and a potty. and that is it. i posted it back in november- even my light fixture is awful. we are making it work though. and your curtains are adorable!
    and i just bought that coffee table's twin for a client!!! and love where your swan ended up, and of course i love the new necklace! it's gorgeous! oh, and my friend received hers in the mail today and LOOOVES it!!!!

  3. Love the cute pom pom and that $15 table was a steal!


  4. Love the refresher you gave the bathroom! Poms poms make anything and everything pretty!!! Great choice!

  5. ahhhh... A spa tub, Maybe in the shape of a swan : ) lol J/K


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