Friday, February 11, 2011


Another award for little 'ol me, YAY!!!! Kelly from Kelly is Inspired passed along this award to me and I am so so happy! Being versatile is awesome, but being stylish AND versatile is even better!!! Thanks Kelly :)

Here are 7 more tid bits about yours truly:

1. I'm not a morning person or a night owl. I think I'm an evening person.

2. I really really want to learn to sew but am a bit nervous. I know once I get going I'll get hooked. I think I have performance anxiety.

3. I never took the SATs because for one, I knew I was going to community college before I went to a 4-year school. For two, I never wanted to know what I would get.

4. I am Emetophobic (I just looked up that fancy term). I have a phobia of vomit. Myself doing it, others doing it around me. I'm terrified of it. It's definitely more than your standard "eew, gross" dislike. I literally freak out at the thought of it. Even intense coughing, gagging, or burping is unsettling to me. It's totally irrational I know, but that's what phobias are...irrational fears. Anyway, I definitely want to get hypnosis or something down the road. This is all a bit embarrassing to admit, but hey, everyone has at least one weird thing and this is mine.

5. I'm the mom that yells. We were at a b-day party the other day and there was a seriously unsafe pinata session happening. Baseball bats swinging super close to kids heads and all. I was yelling at everyone. Kids, parents, people passing by. It was not pretty. I need to work on this.

6. I love tv.

7. I am very productive when I want to be, but I can also very easily fall into being a lazy couch-potato.

Well, that's it. My second set of "7 things."
Thanks again for the award Kelly, I really appreciate it :)


  1. i am also the mom that yells! i have one friend who says she is always happy when she calls me and while i talk to her i start yelling at my kids, and she says it makes her feel so much more normal. :) i think kost of us are that mom, but some of us just don't share it.
    and i sewed, got hooked, and sewed ALL. THE. TIME. now i only do it out of necessity. i took the sat's.. did really well in math and ok in english. i graduated as an english major- guess i like a challenge.
    i loved these little facts- thanks for sharing!

  2. I love TV too! Way too much...

  3. I have that crazy productive/not productive switch going back and forth all the time too!
    Try sewing, I bet you would be good at it! You do all the other DIY/crafty things so well, sewing would probably be a snap for you!

  4. Congratulations on your fabulous and very well deserved award, Ali!! Go Mums that yell, I say...yep I am part of that club too ;) I loved learning these things about you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend~ Tina x


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