Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Original...

After yesterday's post, I thought I should show you where the swan thing all started. Back in September I went to my very first Estate Sale. An official Estate Sale where you get to walk around in the house and treasure hunt for great bargains. I had recently been looking for a mail sorter to organize my bills, receipts, etc. I didn't want it to be too big because I tend to turn any vessel into a "junk drawer." While I was aimlessly wandering around my first-ever estate sale, I found this little swan.

It was random. It was strange. It was perfect! The $3 price tag sealed the deal and I've been smitten with swans ever since. So my mission is now to make the swan the new "owl." Not necessarily in place of the owl because I know how much you owl people love those little guys, but in addition to the owl. So when you're out there thrifting and you see a swan (don't worry, you will), you may want to get ahead of the trend like I am and scoop it up. You just never know what could happen :)


  1. That swan is definitely weird...but it totally works! I'm definitely going to have to keep my eye out for a little swan to call my own ;) And how is it possible that you just went to your first estate sale last year??? Girl, you've been missing out!

  2. just don't go all black swan single white female on us. ;) seriously, i like it. it's funky and the price is perfect. and i think you can totally make the swan the new owl, or the owl's companion anyhow. i will be looking for some swans!

  3. I think your blog is fabulous and I gave you the Versatile Blogger award!


  4. I just found your blog today. I love it. I just went through most of it and I just had to follow along. I can't wait to see more.


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