Saturday, April 30, 2011

Annoyed......with myself.

Ok. I don't know if any of you do this, but I annoy myself like crazy!! At the moment, I'm feeling frazzled for NO reason. I have had a pretty busy week with random stuff. We were the snack people at preschool so that meant we had to provide the snack for Noah's class for 3 days. Nothing major, just something healthy and a drink, plus all the napkins/plates/utensils etc. This is usually no big deal, but it seemed like this week I was throwing it together at the last minute each day. It would be five minutes before we were supposed to be out the door and I would be cutting up strawberries. Grrrr. Seriously, get it together. On Thursday we spent the day at Disneyland with some friends. Myself, my sis, the kids and I met up with our sweet friend Zoie to celebrate her 2nd B-day with Mickey Mouse. It was a seriously fun day, but it was a LONG day. And to top it all off, my sister and I both neglected to remember where we parked our car in the HUGE parking structure and wandered around literally for 30+ minutes looking for our car (as Noah was whining and terrified that we would never get home to see daddy again). Seriously!!!! How many times have I parked my car? A zillion! How many times have I lost my car, once? Ok twice. Ha ha! Grrr. We finally found it on the floor above us. Tired and grouchy. Lastly, I am in the middle of like 5 projects right now. I go through periods where I have seriously NO ideas, and then I go through times where I have a zillion. Right now, a zillion! And, to make it worse, I am not finished enough with any of them to blog about them yet, so for some reason this is making me feel rushed. Does this happen to you?? Am I the only one?? Regardless, I am going to s-l-o-w down, finish my projects the right way, and share them as I complete them. Deep breaths in-and-out. Ha ha. I know, I sound like a loon! We're off to Zoie's circus party today (which I made soooooo many pom poms for to help with the decor), and then tomorrow is Noah's Chuck E Cheese's party with his little friends. See. No time for the projects again, ugh! Serenity now!!! Haha :)

In other news, I got my first order for a custom pom pom garland, yay!!! It's so pretty in cream and white, very chic if I do say so myself!!
And here's a teeny tiny sneaky peak of Hayden's big girl dresser. Almost finished, so stay tuned people!

(Is anyone else trying the new blogger post editor's pretty annoying).


  1. I could have totally swapped your name out for mine. This is the story of my life! I feel like I have more days that I just can't get it together then I would like. I am terrible at time management or at least I'm very inconsistent when it comes to time management. And yes I'm a professional when it comes to putting pressure on myself, so I understand how you feel. That's so cool that you got a custom order on a pom pom garland and I'm already loving the dresser. Have a fun birthday weekend!!

  2. geesh, i am annoyed with you, too. get it together!!! ha ha! like andi said, i think we all feel like that sometimes... i get like a deer in headlights when i start to many projects and end up frozen and overwhelmed. i had that day yesterday and begged chris to do a delivery for me so i could just get caught up and breathe. lucky for me, he is a good husband and did it. :) and i feel better today having had that time. on another note, i shipped out your pulls today via ups, so you should see them friday they said. how fun!

  3. I used to loose my car ALL the time...the worst ever! Some weeks are just crazier than others...deep breaths! I go through the exact same thing, where I have lots of projects then I'll go weeks without...there is NEVER a happy medium! lol! Good luck!

  4. My sister and I lost her car a couple of weeks ago. It was insane...of course, we were on the wrong floor. I know how you feel about the projects. I've been so stressed at work and with life in general, that I haven't had time to do any of my fun stuff. I feel like I'm in a rut. I guess it happens to all of us.


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