Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy busy...

First of all I want to say hello to my new followers!!! Yay!! I'm SO happy to have you on this crazy crafty journey. For the rest of you, if you haven't already, go over to Primitive & Proper (find link on my sidebar...blogger is acting funny and won't let me link it here) and enter to win an Owl Charm necklace - oh yeah baby!!!
The hubby and I went for our callback for the game show today - woo hoo! Now it's just a waiting game to see if we will be cast on the show and potentially win a million bucks!! Ok, the chances of us actually winning the million are unlikely, but they did say that if you get cast on the show, you won't come away empty handed :). My sister snapped this quick pic of us before we drove up to Hollywood for our on-camera audition (disregard my hubby's shirt, he doesn't like to get his fancy shirt wrinkled when he drives). It was fun, and we definitely turned up our "dork factor" and were super enthusiastic and did what we thought would help seal the deal. Fingers crossed that we get on and win some much needed cash. Other than that, I'm almost done with Hayden's new dresser and about a zillion other projects so usual.....stay tuned :)


  1. woo hoo! my fingers are crossed for you! if you go on and win the million, you need to set aside a wee bit and fly out here! :)

  2. Ok, how freaking exciting!?!?!?!!? Best of luck!! Can't wait to hear what happend!

  3. Crossing my fingers for you! That's exciting!

  4. WOW...good luck! Let us know the outcome....soon!

  5. woo hoo! Did I miss something here? I didn't even know you were auditioning for a game show. That is so awesome! Of course you know I am wishing you all of the luck in the world!

    Also.....LOVING your new mother's day necklace. How super sweet and special...

    Take care,

  6. How exciting! I can't wait to hear if you get the gig! :)


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