Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Treasures, old and new.

Happy Tuesday people! It is bea-u-ti-ful here in SoCal today and my fam and I took advantage of it by spending some time at the park. Other than that, we've just been doing stuff around the house and have just been hangin' out together. The best! Also, I have recently acquired some new treasures (yippeeee), and have put some old treasures to good use and wanted to share. This first pic below is of the little glass terrarium thingy that I have had for-ever! I think I have had it for almost 10 years and I had forgotten all about it. Duh Ali, Come on! Use your head! That thing is adorable! Ha ha (sorry, just some inner dialogue). Anyway, I put this little guy to good use on my springy table :)
Those purple flowers are the weeds that grow in our side yard. I will attempt to plant some better flowers for clipping later this Spring.
In some "yippeee for me b-day news," I got a package yesterday from one of my bloggy besties Cassie, YAY!!! In the package was this AMAZING white swan named Sebastian (name courtesy of Cassie herself). He has happily made himself at home sitting on top of my home decorating books. Cute!
This adorable Vintage B-day postcard in a shabby white frame was in there too & it is adorable!

And last but certainly not least, my first hoot! Look at this little guy?! Isn't he sweet!?
He's sitting up there watching me type this right now :) Thanks Cassie! SO super sweet!
My dad stopped by the other day and brought me these iridescent pink swans from the dollar store. Yep. There they are. No words really. Ha ha. Thanks for thinkin' of me dad! Silly swans.
And last but not least, I wanted to share my attempt at the CHIC pom pom garland. ha ha! What do you think? Will we see these bad boys in the next Ballard Designs catalogue?? Hmmm. Not too sure. But still, these ones are definitely more "everyday" pom poms (at least much more than the super bright ones), no?

Taupe pom poms with turquoise string. Makes my heart pitter patter, not too sure about yours ;)Ok. That's all from me for now. Muah!


  1. sebastian looks PERFECT there!!! he was meant to sit on that stack of books.
    and i love the chic pom pom garland! i am hoping to get a bigger mirror for emmy's room and when i do i am going to have you custom make one for her room to hang on her mirror. it would be perfect!

  2. What fabulous birthday goodies!! I'm loving your poms too! Loving everything as usual!!

  3. I love the white owl! And the CHIC pom poms made my heart pitter patter a little bit ;) And of course, I have to say what a sweetheart Cassie is for sending you Sebastian :)

  4. I love everything!!! Sebastian is the perfect name. leave it to Cassie! :-D She is the best! Oh and I love the pom pom garland, tre chic!!

  5. What a fun package from Cassie. She is so sweet! Love Sebastian and the owl is wonderful! Happy Birthday to you Ali! The pom pom garland is great! I think it would be fun to have that wrapped around a small Christmas tree. I'm thinking way ahead!

  6. Wow...How could you have forgotten you had that awesome terrarium....I must say, the weeds are pretty...

    You and Cassie with all of your swans and owls...to cute...

    Take care,

  7. Those pom poms are adorable...and I love the owl!!


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