Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is what's happening around here today....Rug Doctor Day! So, I'm shuffling the kids from room to room until there isn't anywhere left for us to go. Then, it's off to the park for an Easter Egg hunt.

And thanks so much to all of you for being sympathetic to my stinky dresser situation. Out of everyone in my life, I knew you all would "get it" and be supportive while I whine. The update is, it's going to sit and breath in my backyard for a week until trash day. During this week, I may try lemon oil or a few other suggested methods. I could list it on Craig's list and say that it needs to go to a home where there is smoking, but there is a spot of water damage towards the back bottom that I'm now realizing may be cat pee damage....eeeew. I think it may just be too icky to even bother with. I'll update you with what finally goes down, but my guess is it's a goner!

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. hey ali-i had a smokers piece one time and i tried the vinegar and everything. didnt work until i sanded the enitre piece and then washed it with vinegar so maybe that will work?

  2. how nice! i love when carpets are freshly cleaned!
    and i hope all the ickiness of the dresser disappears over the next week. we went to andi's this morning, and then have been playing here. then we are off to dance pictures in a bit... ugh!

  3. aren't clean carpets the best? I don't know how my parents survived without steam cleaners Haha!! I know I'm weird! Sorry about the dresser. Another reason people shouldn't smoke! Not only can it kill you but it ruins furniture. ;-) Still crossing my fingers that the smell goes away this week.

  4. I LOVE clean carpets! They make my heart happy.

  5. I desperately need to clean my carpets! Good luck with the dresser!


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