Sunday, April 3, 2011

Messin' with Moss

Moss. Moss. Moss is everywhere in blogland right now. A Dollar Tree store recently opened up in my neighborhood, yay! And, they have moss. Moss + Dollar Tree = time to experiment :)
(The little chalkboard is from Michael's for like $2 and the just ribbon is from WalMart for like $1.50).

The first step was to pop the back out of the $1 frame. I fired up my glue gun and got to work.

Basically I just started gluing it on. I did the first layer sort of sparse because I knew I could add more as I needed to.
After the frame was totally covered in moss, I put the back of the frame back in without the glass.
I originally wanted to cover the chalkboard frame in moss too to make it extra plush, but I didn't end up having enough in my $1 bag-o-moss. So, I painted the chalkboard frame black in an effort to keep it looking clean and pretty. I glued it to the inside of the frame with my glue gun. I then added a bow to hang it and whallah! Here she is :)
I hung her up in my kitchen above the gold memory board I made long ago and I think it looks cute. Although, I recently mentioned to a friend that I really don't want my home to look "glue-gunned together" and I fear this type of craft may not be helping me in that mission. What do you think?? Too crafty??? The jury is out. I think it's pretty, but I'm not sure if it's true love yet.I'll live with her for a while to see if she blends in well enough with our decor. For now, I'm in "like" with it :) Happy Sunday!


  1. That is SO cute and different! I think it looks great on your wall!

  2. that looks awesome! i love the chalkboard inside of it- so cute! i want to make something mossy. i saw some cute little garden mushrooms at target today, too and i was thinking they would be cute with something mossy. hmmmm.... ;)

  3. That is so clever! I think it looks great! I would have never of thought to put the chalkboard inside the frame. Now I think I want to hit the dollar store!

  4. I think it's really perfect for spring! And I don't think it looks glue-gunned at all! It's totally cute!

  5. No,NO,NO!I love it! It is to much cuteness! I would totally tell you if it was border line cheese ville, lol! But No! It might not look so good after spring, but its perfect for the season! Great job!

  6. Gah, yours came out amazing!! I love the chalkboard.

  7. Ali, that is so stinkin cute! I had know idea where this was going but you took it to PERFECTION! I have got to hit the DS and score me some moss!

  8. LOVE LOVE this! I just saw the eye candy too! You have the cutest little projects...I wish I could see your house in person....Heading over to your giveaway too!! Yippee!

    Take care,

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