Monday, July 11, 2011

2 Things (random things)

First of all, I'm not too sure if I'm in love with the spot my husband chose to put the things that have been taken away from our naughty 5 year old.

Hmmmmm. Not exactly the look I was going for (& if you're wondering, I think he was sticking things into the fan while it was on, after being told not to. And that's his blankie up there which is the thing most dear to his heart. Not too sure what he did to get that thing taken away, but it must have been bad).

Second random thing, I sold my first "eclectic" charm necklace on Etsy. Yay! I didn't specify what the packaging would be like in the Etsy listing, so I got creative and had some fun with it.

The girl who bought it lives in Australia and her name is Alison too. She spells it the same way I do (with only one "L"), which is kind of rare. I hope she thinks it's cute when it gets there :)

Ok. That's all of randomness for now :)


  1. uh oh. Well it is called a highboy, hardy har har.
    And yay to selling your necklace!!! I think the paper you chose is perfect!

  2. that is too funny! my husband would do the same thing i am sure, and i would be so annoyed at it ruining my aesthetics! men!
    and hooray for the sale to alison!!!!

  3. Oh our spot in above the china cabinet, where we put her chairs so she will stop climbing on everything :) Love the necklace, I'm sure she will too!

  4. Not the blankie! give it back! Auntie says...since I gave it to him I have rights:) and my middle name is ALison with one "L"! Whomp!


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