Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi people!! I am super happy to be guest blogging over at Primitive & Proper today. Head on over there to see a re-cap of my top 5 "keepers."

I saw this on a couple of other blogs lately so I thought I would do one too :)

I am... Ali. A wife, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, cousin, aunt, and friend.

I want... to raise my children to be responsible, respectful, well mannered, happy, healthy, smart and wonderful people.

I have... fallen in love with my best friend

I wish... to take many fun trips with my family

I hate... that some children in this world are starving.

I fear... my loved ones getting hurt or sick.

I hear... my kids laughing...loud.

I search... thrift shops and Craig's List for treasures.

I wonder... what this world will be like when my kids are adults.

I love... the sound of the ocean.

I never... say never.

I my neck after being on the computer for too long.

I sing...extra loud in the car when I'm alone.

I dance...not very often anymore.

I lose... my mind on a daily basis.

I need... to make more money than I spend.

I always... wash my face before bed.

I am confused...about how bad things can happen to good people.

I am not always...the best housekeeper I could be.

I cry... when I'm sad, not really when I'm happy.

I sometimes...snack late at night.

I am not... a fan of spiders.

I usually...want dessert after a meal.

I should... clean out my car every once in a while. Ha ha, Eew.

I would love to read yours if you do it too. Let me know ;)


  1. Stopping by from P and P, just wanted to say I love all your redo's! Fabulous!

    Your newest follower, Megan :)

  2. oh my goodness, i think we are more alike now! i also sing very loudly in my very dirty and icky car.... ;) loved learning all this about you!
    thank you so much for an awesome guest post, ali!
    SEPTEMBER 2011!!!!!

  3. Fantastic answers! I big fat heart singing really loud in my dirty dirty dirty car, alone or with kiddos. The looks I must get! I wish I could say i wash my face every night but I forget sometimes and just pass out :(

  4. I loved your 5 keepers over at Cassie's! That highboy is fantastic, Ali! You did a beautiful job and that color is one of my favorites. Fun post today! Happy weekend to you.

  5. I love the I need to make more $ than I spend!! SO true!!


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