Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Various What-have-yous.

If you're wondering about the title of this post, it's just a funny phrase my sis, hubby, and I use when we mean to say "random things." ha ha! I laugh because I picture my husband saying it in a funny voice. Crack up. Anyway, all of this is to say that you are in for another random post today :)

First, I have a couple questions for the universe. Some hypothetical/rhetorical, others that I would like an answer to but fear I will never get.

1.WHY on Earth was my soda at the movies $4.75. Am I the only one that thinks that is robbery??
2. WHY do bad and sad things happen to really good people?? This should NEVER EVER happen! EVER!
3. When will my neighbors (the bratty neighbors as we like to call them) stop screaming at each other. They are ALWAYS yelling over there.
4. Why are all the things that I love love to eat and drink SO SO bad for me? Arg.

Ok, moving on.

A DIY?? Sure, why not!

So, I have had this outdoor urn style flower pot for about 6 years. Now, I am definitely a fan of the shabby chic style, but after being outside in the elements, this once pretty pot is definitely more shabby than chic. See for yourself:

See?? Pretty shabby, huh!? Nothing a little spray paint can't fix. BAM! Pretty!

Now it lives to the right of my front door with a pretty new shade dwelling plant. Actually, for the very first time, I picked out a plant that had exactly the right specifications on the tag. It said, morning sun only, mostly shade. That is the perfect description for this spot. We'll see how it goes. Ha ha! Hayden popped in to smell the only Gardenia bloom we've had all year. I think gardenias need more sun than this little spot gets.

Here's the big picture for you:

We are going to landscape our big dirt patches pretty soon, and eventually I plan to paint the door either black, or a fun color. Hmmmmm.

While I was plant shopping, I grabbed a new leafy green indoor plant because the one I had previously is dead deadskee. Ooooh, so pretty!

o.k., moving on. Can you guess what this is????

If you guessed that it was a lap top computer, you were right. BUT, it's not just any lap top. It's my very OWN lap top. NEW, PRETTY, and ALL MINE BABY!!! With help from a special friend (you know who you are), I have decided to name her Harriet! Yippppe! I have never had my own computer. Ever. My sis and I shared one through college. Then, Josh and I bought a "family" computer when we got married. After that, he got his own computer to bring to the fire station with him. Shortly after that, the "family" computer died. So, with some of the $$ from the flea market, I bought myself a shiny new computer. YAY!!! I am seriously SO excited to have it all to myself. YAY!

So, there you have it. My various what-have-yous for a sunny CA Tuesday :)


  1. i have the same universal questions. :)
    and i LOVE the newly refashioned urn- it is so pretty! and you know it sure would look good with a bright yellow door. ;)
    and lastly, CONGRATS on your own laptop! since she, yes she, is all yours you must name her. mine is miss mary mac.

  2. haha! I like to say what-have-yous in a funny way too, like in a george hamilton kinda way ;-) And holy schnikies!! $4.75 for a soda! i haven't been to the movies in a long time so I don't remember how much they are here but either way the movies is a huge rip off!! And I love that you used BAM! Planter looks awesome. And yay for a new computer!!!

  3. Hehe, Your questions I ask myself all the time...including the neighbors. lol

  4. Yes, I agree that $4.75 is highway robbery for a soda! I'm sorry about your neighbors...been there! It's never fair when bad things happen to good people. That is one of those mysteries that we will never fully comprehend. And I can't really help you with the everything-that-tastes-good-is-bad-for-you issue...as I sit here at 10:30 eating ice cream with chocolate syrup!

    Love you new planter makeover. The color looks great against the house and the red door.

    YAY for your new computer! That's so exciting!!! Now you'll be an unstoppable blogger :)

  5. :) xo
    ...and that's all I have to say about that.

  6. Hooray to a new laptop! It is so nice to have a computer you can pick up to bring wherever you need it.

  7. I love your questions. And your diy turned out great!!-connie, measuredbytheheart.comI love your questions. And your diy turned out great!!-connie, measuredbytheheart.com

  8. Great pot!!!! I love what an ugly pot and some paint can do! LOL! Stopping over from Tatertots and Jello. Have a great weekend!


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