Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Lamp, etc..

FIRST: Woohoo!!! I finally crossed over the hump of 200 followers!! Welcome new friends! I had been bobbing back and forth between 198 and 199 for a while now and it feels so good to finally cross over! I hope my new friends like what they see here and stick around!
(Does anyone know why the pics of my followers aren't showing up?? Anyone having this problem too??)

Happy Sunday everyone! I got to sleep in a bit this morning (thanks hubby), so I'm feeling refreshed.  O.k., first, the lamp. My sister bought a brass lamp from goodwill for $4.99. It didn't end up selling at the flea market, so I claimed it as my own. Here's a before picture (obviously it's the one in the middle):

I felt like I needed a little more yellow in my life, so I spray painted it "straw flower" by rustoleum and I love how it turned out. Here's the after shot :

Brass is seriously so easy to paint! It coats so well.

WHY??? Why??? Why is is SO hard to find a "perfect" lampshade for this lamp!!?? All I'm looking for is a white drum shade that is long enough to hide the harp of the lamp. I think there is a conspiracy going on because I went to like 6 different places yesterday and had the hardest time. Finally WalMart had a cream colored shade that was the right shape. Yay! BUT, it is too short and shows the harp. Grrrrr. Seriously??!! Seriously!

The lamp shade hunt continues! I refuse to go back to the large pleated style that the brass lamp typically has. I'll let you know what I come up with. I noticed that Walmart had adjustable lamp harps so that may be the road I have to take....we'll see.

Yesterday we had a garage sale and it went really well. We sold a ton of JUNK, and whatever didn't sell got swiftly donated to goodwill. Away with you junk, away!!! Here's a pic or two :)

Noah and Hayden had a lemonade stand too :)
And Uncle Josh brought bagels....YUM!

Ha ha!
After the garage sale, the kids took a much needed nap (& I dropped off the junk at goodwill and ran around looking for a lamp shade). When I got home, we headed out to have some Saturday family fun. Our local outdoor mall has a HUGE Ferris wheel and the kids were dying to go on it. We have been on it before, but daddy wasn't with us the previous time so this was a special treat.

We had a great time being out and about, and the kids thought it was extra cool that they got to stay out until 10pm. Summer rules!!!!

Oh yeah, and I have officially decided that I am going to be a person that gets to have fresh flowers on my table often. It's official!

Look at these beauties! GORGEOUS!
Happy Summer :)


  1. your lamp is so happy and cheery- love it! and your kids cannot be any cuter!
    and i think i might need to start being one of "those people", too. i love sunflowers- they make me so happy.

  2. Hi, just saw your at Primitive and Proper - i think I am 203 - so yeah!! Anyway, love all of your before and afters and had a fun time going through your blog for some inspiration!


  3. Love fresh flowers sitting out...I'm not that person yet! lol! You are one super busy gal with flea markets and garage sales...don't know how you do it all! lol! I love that your kiddos go to use their adorable lemonade stand! :)

  4. I LOVE the new colour of your summery! Congratulations on getting over 200 followers, that is an amazing achievement!! Google Friend Connect has been having a few issues, I have noticed the follower widget has been missing from my blog intermittently too. Love the pics of your gorgeous kiddies on the ferris wheel, priceless! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ~ xx

  5. I have a brass lamp that looks just like that AND I spray painted it the same color, weird! I had trouble finding a shade for it for a LONG time too and finally found a super old one(think nasty 70's) at a garage sale and I covered it with burlap:) What about adding a simple ruffle edge to the bottom of one to make it cover the harp thingy?! Just a thought....

  6. :) yay for lamps, and garage sales, and bagels, and flowers, and ferris wheels! Love you!

  7. I have the same yellow spray paint-I love it! Amazing what a little spray paint can do. Have you tried a larger drum shade? The base seems tall enough that a bigger shade should look fine and it would be longer too. Just a thought. And the ferris wheel looks fun!!!!!!

  8. Congrats on all of your followers! Love the yellow lamp! Yellow is such a cheery color. That has got to be the cutest lemonade stand and your kids are adorable! The close up of Hayden on the ferris wheel is precious! Her expression is sheer excitement!

  9. First of all, congrats on 200 followers!!! And second of all, I love the yellow lamp! If you have a Tuesday Morning in CA, I've had really good luck with lampshades there. And seriously, your kids are just too cute! Every time I see Noah behind the lemonade stand, it makes me smile :) And how awesome that's he's getting lots of use out of it!

  10. you can probably get a shorter harp. i had the same problem with a lamp i switched out. my mom found a lamp i wasn't using with a smaller harp, and voila! problem solved. :)

  11. I've done a few brass lamp redo's but I always seem to stay with "safe" colors like cream and black! Lol! You have inspired me to step out of that box! That yellow is so fresh and summery!!


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