Friday, July 1, 2011

Minor Tweak

Let me start off by saying that I super LOVE windows. Natural light is the best kind of light, so soft and pretty. Well, we have this random window in our living room to the right of our fireplace. Back in the day when my grandparents lived here, the walls were dark brown knotty pine and they had brown mini-blinds over this window -  EEEK. Anyway, when we moved in, we painted the walls a soft cottage beige (& quickly removed the heinous brown mini-blinds). The other windows in this room got plantation shutters because they are at the front of the house, but this window has remained uncovered. The view of our old fence in our side yard and dirty windows has been bugging me lately so I thought it was time for a minor change (& unfortunately shutters for this window were definitely not in the budget).

Window before:

Window after a quick trip to good ol' IKEA:

I wanted some curtains that still let some light in, but covered the icky view of our side yard. 2 linen-ish curtain panels for $20 from IKEA, and an old curtain rod that I spray painted white and wallah! I think it looks soft and subtle which is definitely what I wanted.

Whaddaya think???
Yay for the weekend! 


  1. So I had total deja vu with this post for some reason. Weird. Love the transformation!

  2. Love the white curtains! They do a great job of letting the sunshine in!

  3. they are perfect! simple, and exactly what you needed.

  4. Perfect addition! Curtains always seem to finish off a room and make it look so cozy!

  5. They look beautiful! So simple yet they make such a statement!

  6. Ikea curtains are the best! Not only are the prices great, but so is the quality.

    I know I haven't been keeping up on your posts and you have probably mentioned this already, but when is the flea market you are doing?

    Love your new header!

    Take care,


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