Thursday, June 30, 2011

Done and done!

I finished up my last few projects for the flea market today. All that is left to do is carefully pack up the small stuff, load it all up in the truck, and SELL it!! Ha ha! I am definitely looking forward to doing it, but I'm also looking forward for it to be over :)

Here is the before shot of a coffee table my sister bought a while back. She got it for $15 which was a great deal, but it was a little bit damaged on the edge. Hmmmm, what to do??

I thought this would be a good project to try out Kwikwood for the first time. A lot of people have had great success with this product, so I thought I would give it a try.

Well, unfortunately, I didn't have success using it. My hubby said it was because there wasn't enough surface area for the kwikwood to bond to. Who knows!! It never really hardened, even after waiting for 3 days. Then, when I felt like it might be hard enough to paint, I was able to just pull it off with my fingers. Annoying. So, my sweet hubby cut the entire rim off for me. It definitely made the piece a bit less elegant looking on the top, but it was the best we could do under the circumstances. Here is the after shot (sorry about the glare on the top).

Another project I finished up was another one of my sister's pieces. It's the chair that came free with a desk she bought for herself on Craig's List. It got a nice coat of gray spray paint, and a pretty hounds tooth seat :)

Fresh and ready to be SOLD!! Ha ha!

Finally, a simple makeover on a pair of nightstands to match the girly desk I did previously. Simple, clean, white, and refreshed. I don't have a before pic, but they were the standard cream with gold detail. Blah.

Mark my words. I will not paint, stain, poly, wax, mod podge, or staple gun anything else for the flea market! Ha ha. ALL DONE!
Happy Friday :)


  1. yay!!!!! you are going to do SO well! i love that round tabke- the details on the pedestal are awesome! i woud love a table like that in my new house ;)

  2. all the results are beautiful! great job!

  3. It looks fabulous!!!! You guys are going to do fantastic! Good luck!!

  4. Love these! It's going to be great!

  5. :) she looks so much better!! And the rim would be annoying for feet-on-the-coffee-table, so I much prefer her without it!! xo and yay for free chairs!! :)

  6. Looks fabulous as always!! Awesome chair!

  7. Hi! I found you on TT&J and love your redos! I want to paint a round dining table, but all of the round tables I can find are made of oak. I haven't refinished many things, but I have heard oak is a nightmare to paint? Any thoughts on this?Any suggestions or tips (other than don't buy oak)? Thanks in advance!


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