Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not new, just put to good use :)

Happy Thursday everyone :)
I don't have anything major to share over here, but I did want to show you my new charm necklaces that I made for my Etsy shop. Back when I started out on Etsy, I sold charm necklaces that were similar to the ones I sell now, but a bit different. And, because I am a supply hoarder by nature, I still have a ton of charms and beads left over from that time. Yesterday I got inspired and just starting "throwin' stuff together" ha ha!!! Here is what I ended up with (these guys are one-of-a-kind considering my leftover supply stash is random and in limited quantities).

and of course I used the highboy in the photo shoot :)

They're a little bit random and mismatched, but a nice change from my usual stuff. Likey???
Hope so :)

I also wanted to share a pic of my "new" mirror. For our wedding, Josh and I got a beautiful mirror from Crate & Barrel. Well, to make a long story short, when Josh and I moved out of our condo 2 years ago, my mom moved in. We ended up leaving the mirror over the mantle so she could use it. My mom recently moved and we got the mirror back :)

We put it to the right of the front door so we can make sure we look our best as we leave home. I'm happy to have it back :)
Hang in there peeps, it's almost Friday!


  1. those are all so fun! i love the seahorses!!! too cute!
    and i always like to check the mirror before i leave, and say "damn girl, lookin' good!" makes me feel extra good on the way out.

  2. Those are fun! I love the mermaid and the anchor. Growing up I always wanted to be either a mermaid or a gypsy at Halloween.

  3. haha Cassie is a trip! I love the "new" necklaces! So fun! And the background looks great! Sorry I couldn't figure it out for you!

  4. Cute necklaces! My fave is the first one! Love the mirror...what a nice surprise to get it back! :)

  5. Lovin the new blog look!! What a pleasant surprise to get the beautiful mirror back. New found anything is always great.


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