Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bunting for Boys?? YES!

I first want to start off this post with a few words about Toby. Little Toby was our pet Beta fish and he is now with Fishy, Flippy, & Swimmy up in Fish Heaven (those other three were our other pet Beta fishies from years past). R.I.P Sweet Toby. We'll miss you (sniff sniff). I actually do tear up at fish funerals, not joking.   Flush!   Sad.

Ok, moving on. I recently bought an old atlas at a thrift store for fifty cents! Woohoo! As I have mentioned previously, I have a bit of a thing for maps and globes. I have been using it as a "mini theme" in my son's room, which is really just a great excuse for me to buy more globes & maps :)
Anyway, I made a cute map bunting and hung it in his room. Pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me!

So you see, buntings can be cute for boys too!! I think it's safe to say that you can expect some more paper crafting with maps on this blog in the near future.
(My sis-in-law recently asked me if Noah even likes globes and maps. My response was "who knows?? But I sure do!" Ha ha). Until he wants black walls and black lights, maps and globes are fair game ;)
Happy Thursday!


  1. ali, that is awesome!!!! i absolutely love it! and i totally think bunting can be for boys, too... like that, or sports themed, (hello baseball pennants!)... it can so work for them! love it!!!!!

  2. poor Toby! I never posted about it but Brooke only made it a week :( We have a bigger and better tank but our waiting to get another fish because I have no clue where i am going to put the tank! And I love the bunting! Such a cute idea! Would be great for a pirate party!

  3. Super cute! I am pretty much in favor of draping my whole house in bunting! What a great idea to use the maps for a boy's room...not girly at all :)

  4. this is the MOST adorable idea!

    following you now :)

    I have a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate going on at my blog right now if you're interested :)

  5. Love it!! (and Noah loves it too - he told me so!)

  6. I love it that you don't know if he likes it! hilarious! The map bunting is just adorable! PS I finally snagged a globe...I'm so excited! lol! I'm having a Summer Luvin' Saturday party should link up a few pics of all the summer fun you and your kiddos are having so far! :)


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