Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!!! and a chair.

OK peeps. Now is your chance to run (not walk) over to my amazingly talented friend Kristin's blog for a super duper awesome giveaway!!!!! GO NOW!!! DO IT!!! She has the best taste ever and is a very talented designer. She is giving away an awesome decorating book ($35 value) and I totally hope I win it!!!! Go ahead, try and snake it from me, if you dare!!!!!

And also, I'm playing a bit of musical furniture in my home today (& have spray paint mania goin' on outside). Remember my girly chair that used to live in Hayden's room??? Well, it got a new makeover and is no longer girly girly.

Look at this awesome fabric!!!!!!

Here's the big picture for you. Light and airy and pretty. And, did you know you're supposed to have as much seating in your living room as you do in your dining room?? Makes sense, right? So this gives the 6th person that's joining us for dinner a pretty place to sit and chat :)

K - go enter the giveaway now. GO......GO!


  1. yay! i will have a beautiful chair to sit in!!!

  2. Well, I have plenty of seating on my living room floor. Does that count?

    Oh - and I like the chair!

  3. GORGEOUS!!!!!! I love the transformation! And it looks like I followed the rule and then some!!

  4. The chair looks perfect, and I totally plan to beat you at that giveaway!! ;) xo

  5. The chair looks like it was meant for that spot! And whoever sits in it will be very happy it's there :)


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