Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I {heart} shells

I'm pairing things down over here a bit - simple, clean, pretty, Summer. That's what I have in mind. Because I live so close to beach (probably like 2 miles or so), shells & sea stars fit in perfectly in my beachy home. I don't want to go too overboard, but little touches here and there really make it feel like Summer.

This is where my pretty finger sea stars ended up (away from little hands, ha ha).

That cool blue shell I got a Ross Dress For Less a little while ago, and the tall white bottle was on clearance at Michael's a while back. It says "DREAM" on the other side, but I like the cleaner look of the plain side. I got that white finial thingy at goodwill but it was an ugly dark pewter-ish color. I sprayed it cream and freshened it up a bit.
I have some shells on my coffee table too (& did you notice, I decided to keep the round coffee table. I just loved it too much to sell it), and notice Sebastian the Swan taking center stage. {LOVE}. (Thanks Cassie)

I have some shells on my dining table too. Simple & chic (if I do say so myself, ha ha)

And lastly, I have a few little glass jars of shells sitting on my shabby chic "tampon storage" in my bathroom :)

Clean. Simple. Pretty. SUMMER!!!!!
Happy Tuesday :)


  1. I love all of it. It looks very beachy chic! Nice work, sister!

  2. very pretty! I saw the coffee table in a few posts back and had wondered if you decided to keep it. Glad you did!!

  3. I got the chance to see these shells up close this week, A-mazing. I love that you are constantly redecorating and moving things around like me!

    P.S. Weston LOVES his exersaucer!

  4. I have a confession...I'am a shellaholic...I love yours.

  5. Looks like summer! I need to simplify too!!

  6. Perfect Summer luvin' post! Thanks for playing along this week! I think I'll always be jealous your only a couple of miles from the beach! lol!

  7. Ooh Ooh!...I heart shells too. I just collected a bunch at the beach today. Unfortunately though, I don't think Connecticut shells can compare to California shells....LOL! I am going to Nantucket in a week, and hope to find some fab ones there....

    Hope you had a great weekend Ali....


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