Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Fleas....and a poem.

Happy Belated Father's Day to my wonderful husband and dad! We are all lucky, lucky, lucky to know you both!!! Yesterday my sister, brother, and I spent the day at the flea market with my dad (luckily my dad likes them as much as we do, and my brother had some fun too). Here are the fleas I got :)

I got this cute shabby chic caddy for $5. I thought it would be a pretty display piece to hold some of my necklaces that I plan to sell at the flea market in July.

I also got some beautiful sea stars which I have been on the hunt for. The shell guy at the flea had great prices ($1.50 for the small, and $2.50 for the large) which is half of what i would find at Michael's or local souvenir shops. They are pretty fragile, so they will be on display up high and away from little hands :)

I got this anthro-inspired dish towel for $3. I think it's funky and cute :)

And I got this pretty little brass locket for a couple bucks. I think it would look pretty on a long chain with a couple of other cute charms.

I also scored this super cool "N" for Noah's room for $5. LOVE it!

I purchased a lazy-susan type thing with wood inlay for my dad while we were there that was just his style. Handmade by a real wood craftsman (sad I didn't get a pic), and a belt buckle for Josh. I always look out for fun ones for him.

Oh, and my friend Kristin saved these adorable aqua candle holders for me from her husband's grandma's estate sale. Aren't they adorable!?

Last but not least, I wanted to share a cute father's day poem with you. Maybe if you like it you can bookmark it for next year. For Josh's first Father's Day after Noah was born, I made him this wall hanging with a few pictures and a sweet poem that I found on-line.

(click on this second picture so you can zoom in and read the poem).
It still puts a lump in my throat when I read it. So sweet!
Happy Monday people!


  1. love all your finds, and those candlesticks are amazing!!!
    and sawyer has the same type of letter in his room!!!!!! a big red "S"!!! awesome!!!

  2. Loving the candlesticks....we need to go shopping together =)

  3. love it all! And you know I am dying over those candlesticks! ASFL! The poem is so sweet, made me want to stop time so they stop growing up so fast!

  4. What great finds, Ali! After seeing the title of your post, but before actually reading it, I was thinking you guys had a case of fleas for Father's Day! Thank you goodness you just went to the flea market instead--that would have been a memorable Father's Day for all the wrong reasons! :P

  5. And what a sweet poem--I've never seen that before--thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, Ali, your the best!

    Love the flea finds! Can't wait for our super de dupor day of flea selling extravaganza! Your pieces are GREAT!

    By the way, Weston loves his Exersaucer and has been in it ALL NIGHT! Thanks for giving me 20 extra free minutes to be ME!

  7. That poem is so sweet! I have to print that out and save it. You found some fun treasures and those candlesticks from Kristin are beautiful. Love that color!

  8. That poem still gives me a lump in my throat....especially with my little sesame seed brewing :) xo


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