Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hi friends!! This past Saturday I went up to the hills of Los Angeles to go horseback riding for one of my BFF's 30th birthday! YAY! Happy birthday Susie!!!! Anyway, it was a wonderful experience and even though I am not really a fan of horses (I know, you may think I'm nuts, they just scare me), I had a blast. The scenery was gorgeous, and after the ride we had an amazingly beautiful and delicious dinner. Hooray for good friends, good food, and stepping outside the box for a fun adventure. Are you ready for picture mania???? The first one is of all the girls getting ready to ride :)

(from left to right: Natalie, Kimi, Lara, Susie, Catherine, Alana, Ali, Lisa)

Me, Kimi, Catherine, & Lisa.
I wore my cowgirl boots :)
Being goofy before the ride :)
Safety is for COOL people, duh! btw, my helmet hurt me SO bad. Practiacally gave me a migraine. Grrrr.
My sweet friend Alana :)
See that BIG gap between the horses. That is because my horse Tony was the SLOWEST horse in the world and held up the whole group. They guide kept telling me to keep kicking him to get him going, but he just wouldn't go any faster (that is until I said the words "giddy up Tony" to him and he bolted. I'm talking full on sprinted up a hill and I almost lost my grip. I have a huge bruise on my thigh to prove just how tight I was clenching. I was finally able to pull back hard and yell whoa to get him to stop....only after I screamed "I need help!' It was embarrassing. See...horses. are. scary).

Beautiful scenery from the ride (we didn't get too many pics on the ride because they don't let you bring your camera. The guide said that the insurance companies treat it like driving while texting so they won't insure the company unless they don't allow cameras on the ride. These few pics we got were from the guide using Susie's camera).
Here's the whole group. My sweet NEWLY PREGNANT sister didn't get to ride, but she hung out at the pretty stables and relaxed while she waited for us. See that cute horse in the back. His name was Noah. Cute!
After the ride we had a super yummy dinner! Burlap table cloths, fancy chairs, mismatched China, candles, {DREAMY}.
And here's the sweet birthday girl. Happy B-day Sooz, thanks for an amazing experience!!!  xo


  1. I love horses!! Glad you went and had an amazing time! And I had a very similar experience when I went horse riding when I was 15 just outside of Boston. I apparently had the slowest and most stubborn horse and they also told me to kick him harder well I finally did and we went full gallop past everyone! Then the guide person yelled at me! Still love horses though :-)

  2. that looks like so much fun! i love horseback riding!!!

  3. Such a fun day! Love being with my girls!!! ox

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! And I totally know what you mean, horses scare me, too. But you did look pretty sexy in your helmet ;)

  5. How fun! I think the horse would smell my fear! lol

  6. HOW FUN! That would be great to go with all your bffs! The views are just gorgeous!!

  7. What a cool way to celebrate a birthday! Glad you survived your wild ride, too! I remember riding a horse in Mexico during an excursion from a cruise several years ago. As we finished the trail, and were headed back to the barn for some cervezas, my horse and and a few others took off sprinting since apparently they fed the horses after each outing. Luckily, I grew up riding so I managed to stay in the saddle, but it was way unexpected!

    And CONGRATS to your sister--how exciting!


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