Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final push for the Flea :)

Happy Tuesday!!!
Well, this is the final week of prep before the flea market. We have never gotten a booth at the flea before so I am both excited and nervous about how it will all turn out (fingers crossed that we sell sell sell). So, this week you will most likely find me out in my front yard finishing up some last minute projects or in the garage tagging my stuff. Down to the wire for sure!

Yesterday we spent the day outside and it was a beautiful sunny day. The kids kept busy by "washing" my car (look at Hayden's face...she's concentrating).
 These really pretty planes kept flying low and doing tricks over our house which made it extra exciting for the kiddos.
Oh, and check out Hayden's choice for summer footwear. Ha ha! ONLY to be worn around the house :)
Ok, back to project mania. My mom had these hideous old-school serving trays in the goodwill pile. These definitely belonged in the donate pile in their original condition. BUT, give me a few minutes and BAM! Revamped into something sell able :)


First one AFTER:

Some triangles cut out of pages from my thrift store atlas, a sharpie, some grey spray paint, mod podge, and spray poly did the trick :)
Second one AFTER:

Hopefully these guys will find new happy homes at the flea!

The other project I finished up was this:

I sprayed the chicken wire gold for that extra glam look. This pic above is me in kindergarten, and below is my mom, grandma, and great aunt "back in the day" enjoying some dessert.

Ok, gotta get back to work now :) Have a great day people!!


  1. I love your projects. With the teething baby and no hubby, I have been slacking on my last minute flea prep. Thank god there is Saturday!!!

  2. Your projects are amazing! Wish I could stop by! Good luck!
    (btw, love your blog design!!)

  3. i LOVE those shoes! i mean, trays! ;)
    seriously, the trays are awesome!!! the love the earth one is soooo fantastic i may have to copy it! :)

  4. I want a pair of Hayden's shoes! So cute! I am sure your booth will look fabulous! How fun! You are darling in kindergarten with your pigtails.

  5. So cute, sister!! I love those trays and that photo frame chicken wire thingy! LOL. I wish I had a fraction of your mojo. I am DRAGGING!! Ugh!! love u!

  6. I'm sure you are busy!! But how fun to get paid for all your craftiness!! LOVE those trays!!

  7. Nice job friend!! The trays are SO awesome! And maybe I'm the only one but I like the spongebob shoes, adorable!

  8. I love those trays!!!!

    I can't wait to see you at the flea!

  9. This is too cute!! I love how you used maps!!

  10. Fun projects. And so very creative. Well done!


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