Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Misc.

It's Friday!! Just a bunch of randomness goin' on around here.

First up, let's all please welcome "Little Buddy" to the family. Fingers crossed people, this is the first WalMart Beta that we've bought. We'll see how it goes :)
Next, miss Hayden let me paint her some sassy pink nails. We're going to a funeral tomorrow (sadly Josh's aunt passed away suddenly) so we want her to look extra fancy.
And last but not least, I finished up my "beginner" couch pillows. As you can see, they aren't perfectly symmetrical, but they'll do for now.
I made a third pillow with my leftover fabric to toss on the smaller couch (or Fat man's chair as I like to call it).
And I think I'm getting better at hand stitching the closure too. Yay!
(and I'm going to pretend that I totally meant to do the back of this one reversed. Luckily it doesn't look to bad, but it was definitely not planned. Ah well. The kids were running ragged while I was doing it so my brain wasn't 100%). Still a TOTAL rookie, but it's ok :)

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!


  1. oh i think the walmart fish will surprise you and do the best! :)
    so sorry about josh's aunt.
    and the pillows lok great- your hand stitching is awesome!!! i always make my mom finish it off for me. ;) actually i always make envelope back pillows so i can avoid that.

  2. For a rookie, the pillows look awesome! Your hand stitching looks fantastic! And I'll totally pretend like you meant for the third pillow to be reversible ;)

  3. I'm sorry about Josh's aunt. My thoughts are with you. I think your pillows look fantastic! Your hand sticking looks very professional. Great job!

  4. Soon you'll be a pro sewer (wait, not sewer like stinky garbage. Sew-er....sewing person? how would you say that - LOL) and you'll have to teach your baby sister how!!

  5. You are a jack of all trades. The pillows came out fab!

    Love doing the girly nail thing. About once a week sami and I go in her room to spend time doing manis and pedis. We do the whole foot bath thing and everything.

    Have a great weekend Ali...


  6. Welcome Little Buddy!! Here's to a long healthy life! So sorry to hear about Josh's aunt.

    And um excuse me..but those pillows are AWESOME!!!! My mom still has to show me how to hand stitch before she goes home today!! Looks like you could teach me a thing or two as well!!


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