Thursday, June 16, 2011

My new desk :)

Hi people! Happy ALMOST Friday :)
I lucked out big time the other day while out thrifting and found this awesome new desk for $25. Score!!! I had already sanded down the top in this pic, but forgot to take the official "before" pic first. This piece is solid wood (for a change). I've been finding a lot of laminate and veneer pieces lately so this was a nice change. And.....look at all those drawers!! I planned to do this makeover without buying one thing for it. I have been building quite a large stash of supplies lately so I wanted to use what I had rather than spend more $$.

I sanded down the top so I could stain it rather than paint it. You see, I just don't see myself keeping a painted white desktop clean looking. The wood top of the desk was already a bit rustic and dinged up, so I thought it would be better stained.

Ready for the reveal??! Here is my fresh new workspace :)

I ended up painting the body of the dresser in cottage white by BEHR, and the drawers got a fresh coat of white. I'm on the fence if I'm in love with two toned look, but for now I think I like it. You??

Here's a closer up shot of the two toned paint job. Opinions here please??! Be kind, but be honest. Should I paint the drawers cream too?? The two toned-ness is subtle, so it's not super noticeable.

I ended up taking down my giant cork board to give the space a more clean look. I tend to fill all the space I'm given with c-r-a-p, so the smaller the better. I made this fabric covered cork board a few years ago and I think it looks perfect in this space :)
Here's a close-up shot of the drawers and hardware.
...and a shot of the top.

This was the before shot of my workspace. See what I mean about filling every inch I'm given??!

I'm definitely loving this fresh clean new space WAY more. Less cluttered and more "grown-up" Ha ha! Time to get crafty now :) 

Hang in there peeps, it's almost the weekend :)


  1. oh it is so pretty! i love the hardware painted and the dark top! and you are in time if you want to join my party. just sayin, yo.

  2. I love it!!! I think the 2-tone look is good. Subtle, but different. I like it! xo

  3. I LOVE your new desk - and your work space is awesome!

  4. Love it as always! You're so so talented.

  5. I'm jealous of your fun little workspace! It looks so cute and the desk looks awesome 2 colors!

  6. Love your workspace, love how you freshened the space up by decluttering a little. However, I am not a fan of the two tone or the distressed look, Just my honest opinion. I do love the stained top and a painted bottom, but painted all one color would have been my preference. If you are on the fence about the 2-tone part of it, live with it a little while to see how you like it. Ultimately, it is what YOU like that matters the most.

  7. I love the new desk! And what a bargain for only $25! Definitely a more grown-up work space ;) It's hard to get a real feel for the two-toned look, but I think because it's so subtle, it works. I really like the stained top with the painted bottom!

  8. Thumbs up on the two-tone! It makes the desk more interesting and with the refinished top, definitely sophisticated. And wow is your office clean! My is literally piled with crafpting stuff--it's really shameful. LOL


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