Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A bday, A Skirt, and Some Treasures from My Friends :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDI (aka Jane of All Crafts)!!!!! Turning 21 NEVER looked SO good!!! Head on over to Andi's blog for an awesome week of fun giveaways (one of which may be a necklace or hair clip from my Etsy shop).

Next, I recently purchased the CUTEST little skirt from my friend Rebecca's Etsy shop. Go get one for your little one, you won't be sorry!!!! Here are a few pics of Hayden not cooperating with our photo shoot. Ha ha

She loves her new skirt and couldn't stop twirling round and round 9which is why the little photo shoot was hard for mommy). Ha ha!

Last but not least, I have THE BEST friends ever!!! A while back I posted about my wall-o-frames. I got seriously burned out on hunting, spraying, and hanging frames on the wall. So, I posted about it before it was complete, but it was as good as I was going to get it for now. Well, my super awesome friends sent me some super awesome frames and some other treasures too :)
Andi sent me these because I mentioned that I needed squares and circles but was having trouble finding them. AWESOME!!

Cassie sent me these pretty ornate white ones. They're really pretty and will add some good detail to my wall :)
And of course, they are SO sweet and sent me some cute swans for good measure :)
AND, the sweetest part about this package were the drawings that Cassie's little ones made just for me. Emmy drew a dog and Sawyer drew me a swan.

 Be still my heart! SO SO adorable!!! Friends are the best!! Especially MY friends!! Thanks girls for being so sweet to me ;)
Happy Wednesday people!!!


  1. aaaw, she looks adorable!!!! love it with the leggings!!!
    and you are so welcome friend for everything!!! i have some other things to send you but have been so crazy busy with the kids being sick and trying to get my house ready that i haven't made it to the post office yet!!! i will get there. or bring them with me in 3 months!!!

  2. That that skirt. too cute! The frames are great too.

  3. Oops, meant to say that I love that skirt...

  4. Thanks for the birthday shout out! Spent the whole day at the zoo and I am not feeling 21 at all ;-) So sore and tired. When did my body get so old :( What a cutie she is in her skirt!! It's super adorable! And I'm glad you like the frames, can't wait to see them on your wall.

  5. Can't wait to see you gallery wall now! What sweet friends! Hayden is just too cute and so is the skirt!!

  6. Hayden is soooo precious! Makes wish I had a girl. :)


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