Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A bowl and a chalkboard.

(Do you like my creative title today?? ha ha!!)

Happy Tuesday people!! At the moment, we are having our carpets cleaned. Noah is at school, and Josh, Hayden, and I are stuck in the kitchen together. 2 of my favorite people and yummy food. Not too bad if you ask me :)

Yesterday I gave my trigger finger a small workout and knocked out a few quick projects with spray paint. The first one turned out great, but the second one may be a fail. Take a look....

I have had this brass bowl on my coffee table ever since it didn't sell at the holiday boutique that my sis and I did back in November. I loved the shape of it, and it's the perfect size to hold our coasters. The brass wasn't too bad actually, but I felt like sprucing it up a bit.

So fresh and so clean clean :)
I still plan on using this bowl for our coasters, but I took the after picture while we are still trapped in the kitchen.
It looks like a totally different bowl :)

My second project was a re-do from another item that didn't sell at the boutique. See that white framed chalkboard?? I made it out of a $3 frame that I found at my local thrift shop. Can you also see the very faint writing on it??

 I asked my friend who was hosting the boutique if she had any chalk I could use (I forgot mine) to write the price on it. The one piece she could find was kind of old and barely showed up, but oh well! Anyway, when I got home from the boutique and unpacked all of my unsold treasures, I decided to keep the chalkboard for myself. I went to erase it so I could write something fun on it and that old icky chalk was like permanently on there. It was so strange. Nothing I tried worked. Seriously!!! So, I stuck the thing in my garage and planned to re-spray the chalkboard when I had some free time. Yesterday, I took it apart and sprayed the frame a nice shade of gold, and also resprayed the chalkboard paint. I don't know what was in that weird chalk, but I re-sprayed the chalkboard paint with like 5 coats and it still wouldn't go away!!!!! See....
 What the heck!!??
I did a quick doodle to see if it was noticeable....

It's definitely less noticeable with new writing over it, but I can still see it. Arg! Annoyed! I may just pop the chalkboard out and use it as a frame. We'll see. Seriously, so so strange!

So, that's it for today. My sweet little Hayden had a 103 fever all night so we're laying low today (in our kitchen, ha ha).

Have a great day!


  1. Your little brass bowl has such a cute shape and looks sweet in white! Weird about the chalkboard. Did you season it first by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over it and erasing before you wrote on it?

  2. that is so bizarre about the chalk, but here is what i would do (if you want my opinion!) give it a quick coat of primer to stain block, and then paint it with the chalkboard paint again. it will probably block it from showing through again.
    and i love the new gold frame! and i think the lemons should go in the bowl.... the yellow against the white makes me happy!!!!!
    hope hayden is all better soon! :)

  3. Paint fixes everything, the bowl looks new! So weird about the chalk, but I love the frame in gold!

  4. I love the transformation a quick coat of spray paint can do! The bowl is great and I love the gold chalkboard. Too bad about the weird, grimy chalk. That's so annoying! I could barely notice it though under your doodle. I bet no one else would if they didn't know it was there. And so sorry about Hayden. Hope she's already feeling better. It's no fun to have a sick kid, so sad.

  5. My chalk pens do that!! So annoying. But it is weird that regular ol' chalk did that. Love the white bowl !! And the lemons do look pretty awesome in there...maybe some yellow coasters? :) Yay for clean carpets!!! Boo that Hayden had a fever all night, hope she is on the mend. XOXO

  6. HA! Now THAT is a chalk board with an attitude. You have to give it credit for trying to teach you a lesson.

    But...ummm...Are you sure there's such a thing as a "nice shade of gold"? BECAUSE I'M PRETTY SURE THERE ISN'T!

    I LOVE the bowl! LOVE IT!

  7. Hey....that brass bowl was mine (haha - j/k..I totally gave it to you, so I guess painting it was inevitable if left in your care - lol). Hope our girl is feeling better and that you are able to fix that pretty gold chalkboard. I like it a lot xoxo

  8. I can't believe the difference in that bowl! Looks beautiful in white.

  9. Love your white bowl! That is so weird that the chalk did that... annoying! It still looks great though!

  10. Hope Hayden is feeling better (now that it's like a week later...) I'll be sure not to use old chalk after your problem with it. :( Love the white bowl--I have a few metal pieces I'm looking forward to spray painting soon, too.


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