Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Load up that shop!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
My current crafty goal is to stock up my etsy shop with goodies!! My craft cabinet is overflowing with supplies so I really have no excuse! Must produce the goods :)
Here are a couple new additions that you can find in my shop :)

"Celebration Package" - It's a GIRL!!!
It's a combo pack including a pom pom garland and glitter banner. If I had my "It's a boy" set ready when baby Oliver made his appearance, it would have been fun and festive to decorate the hospital room for my sis. Maybe for her next baby, I'll have my act together :)
I've also been experimenting with some new packaging :)
I am working on some St.Patrick's day pom pom's right now, but I was able to finish up my Easter one first :)
SO happy and bright (probably one of my favorites so far)

As you can see, I had a very successful night of pom poming while watching the Oscar's on Sunday. It was a "Marapom" or a "Pomathon." Ha ha!! Cassie came up with those gems :)

I also made a cute scrappy bunting for myself out of my vintage sheet...
pretty pretty pretty :)
Definitely dreaming of Spring over here :)
Now go people....GO shopping!!!! HERE!


  1. FUN FUN FUN!! I love that you had a pomathon! These are on my to do list.

  2. oh if only i didn't have to spend my money on things like.... food.... because i could do some damage right now with all that cute stuff!!!! LOVE it all! love the easter poms!

  3. Everything is so dang cute! I really love the Easter pom pom garland!

  4. As always...cute, cute, cute! I see that you put that vintage sheet to good use:) I think you should sell the chalkboard too! It's a really cute idea!! (I may have to copy it!)

  5. I have crazy obsession with Pom-Pom's! something is so whimsical and fun about them! So glad I found you're blog.. excited to be your newest follower!

  6. I love everything toooooo!!!! You are the pom pom wizard!!! & maybe with baby #2 I will get my epidural when I am supposed to so that I can enjoy the glitter banner & Pom Pom decor ;) lets plan on that!! xoxo


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