Friday, February 10, 2012

Scarf mania

Happy HaPpY Friday people!! YAY!!!! It's a bright sunny SoCal day and I'm ready for the weekend ;)
Some of you may remember not too long ago, I posted about my pinspired t-shirt scarf here. Well, I made some more but this time, I dyed my own t's to make some pretty spring scarves. I started out with 5 men's size XXXL white seamless shirts (fruit of the loom I think) from Walmart. $12.99 for the 5 pack.
I dyed 2 of the shirts fuschia and 3 of them teal (by following the instructions on the box).

HaPpY colors :)

I'll spare you the whole tutorial this time since you can go back and read it in my other post. Here are the after shots (taken on 2 different days, I didn't change my outfit for the sake of the post, ha ha).

Teal (more aqua-ish I think):
They were  made with 2 t-shirts each. I definitely like the fuller look with these :)
I had one teal shirt left over so I decided to experiment and I made a basic jersey infinity scarf:
I just cut the bottom seam off the shirt, and cut a straight line under the armpits to make a giant tube. I stretched it out a bit, then looped it around my neck. I may even like this one better than the others :)
So, there you have it....scarf mania!
Have a GREAT weekend everyone :)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I treated myself to a $5 bouquet from Trader Joe's today :)
Happy :)


  1. Lookin' good Ali! They are super cute. Wish we had a Trader Joes around here. :)

  2. they are both so adorable! i definitely like the pink on you- it adds a nice pop of fresh color!

  3. Love these and really love the colors! I almost picked up some gerber daisies at Trader Joes yesterday...don't you love that store?!

  4. I love all of the above...definitely need to make me some of these!!

  5. Darling, I looooove the colors!

  6. The scarves are wonderful, but anything looks good on pretty models like you, Ali!

  7. LOVE THEM! So, so cute, and I'm still so amazed that they are seriously made with t-shirts! If a special someone ever wants to send one my way, I'm especially fond of the teal/aqua!

  8. LOVE!! Your colors are so cheery and bright! :)

  9. Love them!!!! & you look so pretty in your self portraits xoxo

  10. Pinning this to try very soon! Great colors--very you! I think a yellow scarf would also look beautiful with your complexion, BTW.

  11. I love them too - I agree with everyone, the colors add a great pop for spring time :) and I think the third one is a cool style too! p.s. I love TJ's we just got one in RI - happy days :) and I love treating myself to a bouquet of flowers! thanks for the tutorial, although I'd rather just buy one from your etsy shop - will you be selling them??

  12. So cute Ali! I need to try this. I wear scarves all the time!


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