Monday, February 20, 2012

Still in Ollie-land :)

Here's a few more pics of my new little nephew Oliver. I am seriously over the moon in love with him and my heart kinda aches when I'm not with him. I should be back to crafts and diy soon. It's hard to use a glue gun when I'm busy kissing his sweet little cheeks :)
Happy President's Day everyone!

(a few pictures in the hospital of Oliver and his Nana - my mom. These black and whites were taken by our friend Kelly with Bubba-loo photography).

I stopped by the hospital yesterday to get the little guy all ready to come home :)
And then he settled in nicely in his new digs. He's such a sweet tiny little peanut, I can't stand the cuteness!!!!!


  1. he is SO adorable! love the peacock blanket, too! :) and him! and you! and lisa!

  2. Congratulations again! Nephews are wonderful!!

  3. He is so precious! Don't you want to just hold him close and breathe him in!

  4. awe...I wish I could hold him! lol! What an adorable name too!!

  5. those pictures with your mom are fantastic, she looks like she is in heaven!
    then the last picture of him - HE looks like he is literally in heave! so cozy and comfy at home :) thanks for sharing

  6. Yay for Oliver's arrival!!! He is such a little cutie pie! Glue guns and glitter paper can wait...go give that boy some more kisses!

  7. Oliver's so cute and Kelly's photos are awesome. I hope your mom frames & hangs one of Oliver and his Nana.


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