Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just getting started.

Happy hump day everyone :)
February 1st! A fresh start....well, for me anyway. I mentioned earlier that my sis in law and I are having a fitness challenge with one another. We both needed some help staying motivated so we joined forces and started our challenge on Jan 2nd. We each keep track of our own workouts (honor system here, people) for the month. I'm using this cute little notebook.

 The one who works out the most each month, gets a $10 Michael's gift card purchased for them by the loser. We recently decided to add weekly check-ins so neither of us slack off.
I'll admit. I was pathetic in January. PATHETIC!
(I'm borrowing Hayden's pez to cover up my weight, ha ha! I'm not normally shy about that sort of thing, but I think I'll keep it private for now. Let's just say that I will be really happy if I lose 10 pounds, and thrilled if I lose 15).

 Because of my pathetic-ness, Darcy will be able to spend ten of my (Josh's) hard earned dollars at Michael's. Congrats to the winner!!

February - YOU ARE MINE!!!!!
See...already off to a great start :)
I'll check in with you from time to time to let you know if I am "on" or "off" the wagon. I'm definitely optimistic! I have been really good with my healthy eating so far. I'm actually surprising the heck out of myself. Typically I am a "eat whatever I feel like" kind of girl and that has definitely not served me well.

Wish me luck people, I'm gonna need it :)


  1. Good luck, Ali! Really proud of the healthy eating...setting a good example for your munchkins!

  2. oh man can i join! i need motivation!!!!! actually tomorrow emmy and i are going ot get a yoga dvd. on tuesdays and thursdays when she doesn't have school we are going to start doing it together. i thought it owuld be good for her with dance/acro and flexibility, etc, and good for me for my chub. ;)

  3. good luck cousin, with two little ones it's a lot harder to be focused on yourself... in any way! way to go, 3 workouts is better than none and 50 minutes is great.
    As for your weight... I've known you my whole life (and I've seen you in a bathing suit) and you're HOT! don't let 10 little lbs get you down :)

  4. Good Luck! Happy you have a partner in crime (weight loss!!)

  5. Good luck. YOU'RE GOING TO NEED IT because I'm going to be working out like I'm on crack. (that's a thing, right?)

    Oh, and I ALSO worked out today. HA!

    Thanks for the gift card, Josh. :)

  6. i need to meet your sister in law, her comments always crack me up! February is yours! You can DO it!!

  7. Good luck! Sounds like too much work for me, lol! (I hate exercise, and I wish I didn't!) ;)

  8. You can do it Ali! I'm rooting for you! :)

  9. Good on you for eating healthy! You'll get into the routine of exercising--it takes time to learn new habits and routines. Just focus on the gift card! :)


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