Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeling nostalgic....

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday :)
My crafting/diy mojo is still lagging. I have a few projects that I could work on, but I'm feeling seriously blah and unmotivated. Not too sure why, but hopefully it passes soon. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little nephew Oliver (due Feb 15th) and I find myself feeling nostalgic about my own little babies. Being almost 6 years old and almost 3 years old makes them most certainly NOT babies anymore :( Just thought I'd post a few pics of my little bugs when they were tiny. I miss squeezing them and I fear that poor little Oliver will most definitely suffer because of this. I'll try not to squeeze him too hard ;)

Sweet baby Noah...

And my beautiful baby girl Hayden.....

{sigh} These pictures put the hugest lump in my throat. It's not that I'm unhappy with where we are now. It's just....I don't know. It all just goes way too fast.
WARNING OLIVER: When you get here, you will be smothered with loved and squeezed so tightly by your auntie that you may not be able to breath for a second. I'll try my best to control myself, but I can't guarantee anything.


  1. Oh... that's such a sweet post and I think every mom can understand what you're feeling. My littlest is still tiny and yet I feel like I'm missing her "baby" time because there is so much going on now... Reading this post is a good reminder to stop and take in all the sweetness of having a baby and a 3 year old, one day they'll be big. Hope you get your motivation back, but until then I love the nostalgic posts!
    Noah and Hayden are so so so cute!!

  2. Thank you Auntie. Thank you for already loving our little guy so much and thank you for putting a huge lump in MY throat now ;) Those 2 little ones are just as close to mine as Oliver will be and I loved EVERY minute of watching them become who they are. They were the CUTEST babies in the world and are now the cutest "big" kids with HUGELY ADORABLE personalities. I love you sister, and cannot wait to watch you squeeze our Oliver as tightly as I squeezed your kiddos. I still can't take my mitts off of them. I never will xo

  3. Ali, I still feel that way decades after my kids (and your husband) came into my life. So I totally understand your feelings. Watching them grow up and learn how to make their own way in life...wow, that is a different kind of feeling: love AND pride. Yeah, my 6'4" son can't fall asleep in my arms anymore, but his kids can...yay!

  4. aaw, i LOVE these photos!!! they are so adorable and so unmistakably them as babies, you know? so so cute!

  5. Such ADORABLE photos! Now you've got me all misty-eyed thinking about my babies -- who are NOT babies, but 20, 17 and 11.

  6. Oh my gosh Ali, your children are beautiful. And they are clearly loved by their mom. What a sweet post!

  7. I feel ya!! Sometimes I look at old photos & get nostalgic too.

    You've definitely got some super-duper gorgeous kids:) Hooray to being a soon to be aunt. I usually get my baby fix with my niece or my friends kiddos.

    Creative juices go in seasons, don't you think? I like to think of my brain just needing a little break:)

  8. Awww, what precious photos! I totally hear you on missing them being wee small. Lately I've been bemoaning the fact Jacob's growing up too, too fast. I just want to cuddle with him! Oliver's going to be one super-loved little baby and is lucky to have you as an auntie.


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