Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scrappy {LOVE}

A while back in one my "Friday's Etsy Faves" posts, I posted about this adorable jar of vintage scraps from DreamWylde:
Well, I don't do this often, but this time I couldn't had to be mine!!!!! Ha ha! It had to!
This little jar of scraps has been taunting me since it arrived. Now that Christmas mania is put away and my house feels fresh and clean again, I decided to get scrappy crafty :)

Last night, I looked through all of the scrappy goodness and picked out the ones that would look pretty in my Valentine's Day house (& there were plenty to choose from).

I busted out my glue gun and within about 20 minutes, scrappy magic was made :)
{dreamy} close-ups...

Big picture :)
This little jar of vintage goodness did not disappoint. AND, there are still like a zillion scraps left to make more magic with, yay!!!

It just makes me happy (scrappy happy).
(and does kind of bug me that some of the bricks in my fireplace don't meet the mantle. Not enough to do anything about though, ha ha)

My creative juices are definitely flowing so I'll be back tomorrow with another quick and easy project that I just finished up :)

Happy hump-day people!


  1. YES YES YES i am jealous!!!!!!!! it would be so perfect in emmy's room- rip it down NOW! ;) i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! you were so right, friend.

  2. VERY cute, you are the queen of buntings I think!

  3. Cuteness Overload!!! Smiling just looking at cute.

  4. That is very cute, indeed. Oh i need to make me one of those :)

  5. Very fun! I'm gearing up to decorate early for Valentine's Day. It's on my mind already!

  6. ooh I remember that jar and wanting to have it :) Super cute've inspired me!

  7. Buntings make my heart soar with happiness and I love the style of the flags on yours. What a creative use for those pretty little scraps!

  8. This is seriously adorable Ali! Thanks so much for joining the party!

  9. Wow, too too cute!! What an excellent way to use your vintage scraps! Visiting from Elizabeth and co. Hope you will drop by soon!


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